• Tue, Jun 12 2007

Jordin Sparks and Her Purity Ring


American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks, is a virgin and she’s proud of it! Some of you may have noticed a ring on her finger that looks a bit like a simple wedding band but it’s definitely not that!

“This isn’t a wedding ring, and there’s no boy anywhere,” Sparks told Us in the magazine’s June 18 issue.

The ring that she wears is a “purity ring” that she has worn since she was 13. It is inscribed with the words “True Love Waits” and represents her vow to remain chaste.

“I haven’t been in love yet,” she said. “I am saving myself for marriage.”

Her Christian upbringing is something that she holds dear which has affected many of her views aside from marriage and sex.

“I think that [abortion] is wrong,” Sparks told Us. “I’m not going to try to debate people on it; that’s just my opinion… I believe what I believe.”


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  • A’kyra

    Awww, so are we to assume that there never was a “Blordin”? :(

    I think it is awesome that she is saving herself. I think more teen girls need to follow her example in that aspect. It’s a crying shame that they have to run an abstinence campaign geared towards 10 year olds…we need to clean up this floozy Paris Hilton mentality that has been embedded in our young daughters. And I’m glad Jordin is staying away from that whole “abortion” arguement. Her beliefs are hers and anyone else who does not agree with that should not attack her for it. Good for Jordin, I’m happy for her.

    Jeanne, I think you meant “upbringing” LOL…but “unbringing” was pretty funny!

  • http://toptensources.com/topten/american-idol-news Aaron

    Waiting until you’re ready to have sex is a great idea. But abstinence pledges are kind of counterproductive: on average, kids who promise not to have sex until they’re married wait a few more months before having premarital sex, but then don’t prepare for it by getting ahold of some condoms, and end up pregnant. Want to stop abortions? Teach kids about birth control.

  • http://www.idolstalker.com/ Jeanne

    A’kyra – I know. I was a little sad when I thought of there not being a “Blordin” but you know there still could be – only a less physical one. Thanks for the typo heads-up. I am frazzled with grad work but I’ll be done by the weekend!!!

    Aaron, I have to agree with you. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it and I was a young mom. My husband, on the other hand, made the pledge and kept it. So, I guess I’ve seen it go either way. No matter what, though, the focus should be on educating.

  • amanda

    Jordin is an excellent role model for young women. I admire her principles and dedication to her faith.

  • gertie

    i wasnt a fan before but i am now! she sounds like a sweet girl who is proud to have morals!

  • http://toptensources.com/topten/american-idol-news Aaron

    She sounds like a sweet young girl who is proud to say she has morals. Whether she actually HAS morals or not, we do not know. All we know is that she loudly proclaims that she doesn’t have sex. Usually that makes me suspicious. I distrust anyone who proclaims their morality and makes big displays of public piety, but I’m a cynical old coot, I guess.

  • Gerri G

    I love that doll

  • http://officialjordinsparks.com jordinsparkles

    I think that Jordin supporting her veiws for abortion is great. She realizes that she can use her celeb power for good, and is ready to support what she believes is right. I do not personaly agree with her view, but I think that if she thinks that is what is right, then she has every right to support it, and every right to try and convince other people of her opinion. I would love to hear her views on the topic, as I am very open to hearing other peoples views on the contraversial topic. I’m glad that she is so open and behind her views.

  • ZigZag

    So now we have to hear about the Idol’s inner workings of their private parts. Remind me not to eat lunch from now on before I read these things because now I’m about to lose mine.

    I’m not at all surprised Jordin hasn’t had any. There aren’t many guys looking to bag a big hippo in the bush these days. The ring could have just as well been inscribed “Loser, can’t get any” because either way I doubt anyone would have been jumping this heifer.

  • Xilef

    It’s her personnal decision not a crusade!

  • A’kyra

    Amanda and Xilef…I agree :)

  • http://www.idolstalker.com Jeanne

    I think that if Jordin is all that she seems to be, she is an excellent role model and I do think she is beautiful.

    Aaron – I can’t discount what you have said. I do worry too. Even if Jordin doesn’t falter, sometimes this type of statement attracts those wanting to “corrupt” someone like her. Then again, Britney Spears was a very famous virgin and then went haywire on her own.

    There’s Katie Holmes, though. Yeah, she *technically* lost her “V” card out of wedlock but she married Tom and she seems to have high morals and standards. I think that’s why people pick on her so much.

  • emily

    all this stuff is crap.. yes i know that does sound harsh but still i mean it may be true and thats great that she belives in somthinng but people should not care about that stuff!

  • emily

    i myself am right know on the internet looking for a purity ring and i just happened to come across this. Know that Jordin has a purity just makes me like her that much more.

  • mhh

    i have a purity bracalet

  • mhh

    i have a purity bracalet and i think it is great to wait and be a virgin!

  • A’kyra

    Good for you mhh!!!
    That’s very commendable for a young lady :)

  • nikia d.

    i think that jordin is a good person and i feel that she is the new thing that music needs.b/c shes like the only female singer singing ut things that are right and not all sexual…and to let people know i am saying this loud and proud im a virgin and ill be 18 soon so me and jordin are around the same age…and like jordin im not in a rush to have sex or anything…oh and lol no im not wanting or about to corrupt

  • http://www.findthesilahchildren.com Limey

    Was that the ring on her left hand that flew off her finger during her American Idol performance?

    Take a look for yourself!



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