Isaiah Washington Breaks His Silence

For those of you waiting to hear Isaiah Washington’s take on the getting-fired-from-Grey’s drama, EW has got the interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about what happened last week? Did you think it was fair?

ISAIAH WASHINGTON: I don’t know if it’s a question of ”fair.” I’m saddened by the outcome. I did everything that the producers and the network asked me to do. I came back under great duress and stress, and thought I was doing the job I was hired to do. I thought that was going to speak for my future at Grey’s, but apparently that wasn’t the same vision that the network and studio had for me.

Have you heard from many of your castmates?

No. Everyone is still on vacation. I don’t expect to hear from my castmates. I did talk to Chandra Wilson and I got a text message from Kate Walsh. Everyone’s doing their own thing. People are still trying to enjoy their summer before they get back to the grind. I think a lot of people are out of the country. I’m still getting calls from people discovering that this change has occurred. [EW also spotted Washington receiving a hug and hi-five from former cast member Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny) at the Chateau Marmont in L.A. the day he was let go.]

Check out the interview at I still don’t think it’s fair that he got fired :(

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    • JCW

      Sounds like his agent advised him to do “damage control” after his intial “mad as hell” comment.

      “I don’t know if it’s a question of ”fair.” I’m saddened by the outcome. I did everything that the producers and the network asked me to do.”

      Statements like that put in to doubt the sincerity of his apologies, which sounded so heartfelt and personal at the time….. Bad move. Everything was done at the request of the producers and the network? You mean it really WAS just to save his job?

      He didn’t put it that way at the time….I had hoped he was sincerely sorry for the hurt he’d caused. I suspect I was just being gullible.

    • Airene Jana

      come on JCW…

      leave the man alone…

      just let him off the hook…ok!

    • Sachi Elefane

      i really think its NOT fair that he got fired. He’s playing a major role everyone loved, in that series he is Preston Burke not as Isaiah Washington.

    • treesey

      IW is justified in his anger of being fired and having the rug pulled out from under him. He will be missed on the show and the powers that be are wrong for caving to the high tech castration from the gay white males/community. All I know is that I will not be watching the show anymore.

    • sterlinggirard

      I am mad as hell that Isaiah Washington got his pink slip from grey’s anatomy. He is so much better an actor than the meek and grate on your nerves T.R. Knight. My husband refuses to watch the show when it returns and as much as I love the show and its cast, I will probably not watch either. I think people should be able to say whatever they want to say in this society and not be judged harshly for it. Isaiah made the slur not The great Preston Burke. Get a life ABC and Grey’s Executives and stop caving into the hysteria of gay america.

    • Airene Jana

      Even until now…at this moment…i’m still hoping that they will bring Dr Preston Burke again in the show…

    • JS

      I live in england and the show will definately not be the same with out Preston Burke!! a very sad loss.

    • albert

      I think they are taking very irrational measures against Osaiah, if he said something in a fight he shouldnt be punished for it, he is a human being no one can control itself in a fight, and in that case there must be two people to be a fight how come the gay is the victime and Isaiah is the bad guy this is pure racism and irrationalism its like if gay people had some kind of privileges over normal people, and TR Knight is a terrible actor and Isaiah is a great actor

    • JCW

      Nice one Albert! Yeah – the privledged gay people!
      Honestly….is anyone stupid enough to think of a group of people who for the most part can’t get married or share custody of their own children as being “privledged”? “gay vs. “normal” people huh?

      Good thinking Albert – keep it up and you may one day solve World hunger!

    • Ty

      Wow Albert, that is one of the most incoherent arguments that I have ever read on these boards. And remember that we have all read Treesey’s remarks! Additionally, I should acknowledge that it is quite rare, if not unheard of, for one to assert that a minority of ANY class has greater rights than a member of the majority. But in this particular instance you are claiming that a gay man has more rights than a black man, which even more unusual. Regarding your claim of racism, based on your sumation of the facts which led you to that conclusion, I’m pretty sure that you could find racism anywhere!

    • Lois

      I am saddened that IW [Preston Burke] will no longer be part of the team. I believe the firing of IW was a little extreme. As Meridith said in one the episodes. . . “Let Him off the HOOK!” I believe his character does more for the show than his comment detracted. I believe some heartfelt forgiveness is essential; thereby, allowing everyone to move forward in peace & love.
      I don’t care how you write IW back into the script Ms. Rhimes, please find a way to do so. Thereby, allowing Grey’s Anatomy to remain the best show on prime time TV.
      What kept me watching was the dynamic between Burke & Yang. It was the most incredible relationship on many levels. Please don’t interrupt or end that relationship . . . . Please listen to the viewers & those folks that support the network & the shows. . . .
      This note is humbly submitted for consideration.

    • albert

      What Im saing is that gay people are being treated all times like the poor victims like if they couldnt stand up for themselves, homophobia is now like a terrible crime and racism is something somehow we have been accepting.

    • albert

      Yes JCW normal vs gay, despite the media efforts to brainwash people into thinking that homosexuality is not only a normal thing to do but a heroic and brave thing to do (that obviously succeded one some people) I still think homsexuality is not a normal way to go.
      Although I dont support it I think that people are free to do whatever they feel like and they are no less than me or everybody else.
      There is a reason for the lwas you mention, I think that every child must have the right to grow with a mother and a father, and correct me if Im wrong but gay people can get married in massachusets.

    • Diana Ruth Fabue

      look here jcw and ty whatever you call yourselves, do you guys have a life or you spend your life making sure that talents in the likes of IW should not be known? what do you actually do as contribution to the betterment of society or you just sit on your desktop and mourn about your life.

    • joz

      i dont care swallow that ego abc and bring the burkina back

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