Hugh Hefner calls Kendra Wilkinson “dazed and limited”

I thought this was HILARIOUSLY funny:

Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER has upset girlfriend KENDRA WILKINSON by failing to stand up for the blonde beauty over an unflattering magazine article.

Wilkinson was reportedly furious when the June (07) issue of America’s Elle magazine insinuated she was less intelligent than Hefner’s other girlfriends, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison, possessing only a "dazed personality and limited vocabulary" on the foursome’s E! show The Girls Next Door.

The story also quoted Hefner remarking on her "distinctly unintellectual charm".

Is that another way of saying she’s as smart as a box of rocks? Our Kendra? Can we get a video confirming her intelligence? Oh, here we are:


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    • mimi

      All the girls are dumb whores who will do annything if the price is right……………

    • amber

      i dont think that it is right to have 3 girl freinds all living in the same house and not thik thay are all having sex.

    • Nirah

      Kendra is leaving them so in my oppinion she is the smart one. He got want he wanted now its her turn!

    • lola

      um.. Kendra is a child. Therefor Hugh shouldnt expect her to be any wiser. Aw i hate him.

    • Emmaleigh

      add me on myspace, yo.

    • Ariel

      C’mon guys, Kendra’s a total dial tone. Typical ditzy blonde. Granted, she’s the hottest of the three (in that slutty kinda way), but Holly is definitely more classically pretty, and Bridget is without a doubt the most intelligent.

      Someone tried to justify Kendra’s intelligence by saying she used to be a dental assistant? Do you know the level of education required to do that? Do you know how much actual skill is required for that job? Very little.

      She’s just another trashy white girl who slept with the right people.

    • Michelle

      She’s pretty mediocre looking, from a poor family and she’s living large and loving her life . . . I’m getting a phd, poor as hell, and miserable most of the time . . . I think semi hot girls without drug problems and educations are worth gold to men in this country.

    • Girlie Girl

      Kendra is so smart. She has a huge fan base because she thinks. Football, Golf, Motorcycles and regular food. Most men (sports fans) are going to LOVE that! And who is the audience? Hef picked her and invited her to the mansion 2 years into Holly and Bridget. Poor Holly. She is the one who seems to be making dumb decisions like dating that player/womaniser Criss Angel…oops, Hef is a player/womaniser too! Like I said, Poor Holly needs to wake up and smell the coffee. At least Kendra is actually getting married!

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    • Wendy

      I think all these girls are shameless harlots, living off a lecherous old man for his money. Of course, he is using them too and he is smart enough not to allow himself to get dragged into marriage by Holly. Well, now they have now moved on, let us see who will have the last laugh!!

    • GAbbs

      I Reckon Kendra is really funny and not a girl that is embarrassed easily
      She may be a bit dumb at times but she is pretty brainy which is really funny how she clicks onto things pretty easy


    • anon

      no offense wendy, but i think you’re extremely ignorant. the original girls weren’t using him for his money and i’m pretty sure he wasn’t using them because he’s not that bad as what people believe him to be. maybe his new girlfriends were though. i can’t stand the twins and crystal. they’re so boring!