Milo Ventimiglia in Fergie music video

Fergie’s latest music video for "Big Girls Don’t Cry" features none other than Gilmore Girls’ "Jess Mariano" and Heroes’ "Peter Petrelli" Milo Ventimiglia! Milo plays Fergie’s love interest in the video.

Check it out:

I never knew Milo had so many tattoos!

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    • Sarah

      I know I already left a comment but I agree with inmiami. It is a downgradde to Milo because he’s staring on a hit tv series, Heroes, then he goes in a Fergie video??? I mean Milo you can do better…she already has a boyfriend!!

    • Angel

      The tattoo of the green star on the underside of his right arm is real.

    • Allison

      i love this video because of milo!!!
      have u noticed?
      he doesn’t wear a shirt (well, one that covers his chest) for the whole time!!!

    • bbzwidattitude

      i think bein in the vidoe was a big mistake, cuz hes seen as a big star now WTF is he doin, also she’s a ugly bitch hu doesnt deserve him, eugh. I luv him on GG and heroes, r u sure the tats r fake cuz they dont look that gud, how old is he now cuz fergie looks really old. Finally Milo is SHEXSHY

    • Pau-lee

      Milo looks so hot =D:.
      A love those tattoos on him…. even if they are false

      Nice =D

    • Krupa

      OMG I never noticed… I mean I’m not exactly a fan of this song (I find Fergie’s singing incredibly irritating sometimes, for some strange reason). I have seen the video before a couple of times though, it’s quite a hit. Anyways, I don’t really like this look on Milo. I’m still attached to cleaned-up, short-hair, just a little rough around the edges Milo not skeezy, tattooed, ponytailed Milo lol.

      I do realize the tattoos are fake though… he would have had to have them put on and removed just a little too quickly lol.

    • Jessica

      OMG!! Milo is looking fiiiinnnnnneeeeee in this video!! im diggin the tattoos, but hes always gorgeous!! like in gilmore girls…but hes back and better than ever!! he can come over here anytime he wants, fergie may ditch him, but i sure as heck never would!! and fergie is the best, whatchu talking bout??? not london bridge…but otherwise shes amazing ans has such vocal talent and range…but anyways, back to Milo…he’s just so fine, and i will never stop looking at his gorgeous-ness!!

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    • Laura


    • Emerald Princess

      Stop hatin on Fergie the girl has talent and she’s getting paid more than all of ya’ll. My boy Jess aka Peter aka Milo is looking fine in this video. I just wanna pull him through my screen chain him to my bed and never let him go. Fergie;s pimpin in her hat but the overalls can go. Thus song is so good and made all the better at the sight to Milo’s bare chest. It should not be legal to look that sexy!!!!

    • Lindy

      For one…Fergie has been through a lot. She’s beautiful. White trash is what she’s not. Yes…that dude is so damn fine, but she’s as equally hot. How many of you can write and sing your own songs. Probably none of you. I bet you all the money you have if she walked into your house you’d worship her like a freakin’ God.

    • Leira

      uh “lindy” i friggin hate fergie , yea its impressive when people write their own songs but its not impressive when they SUCK like fergie’s! and her voice is so-so, its not the best thing i’ve ever heard of. and if she did walk into my house i’d tell her to get the fu** out, cuz she does look like trash.

    • ana

      OMG! milo is so hott but i dont rlly like the pony tail r the tattos

    • Sophie

      hello, I’m french and the serie heroes is very recent in my country. but I saw “peter petrelli” (lol) in fergie’s video, I knew it was him but, that’s right I didn’t know he got so many tattos. It’s so sexy don’t you think ?? j’aime beaucoup heroes mais la saison 1 vient de se terminer. tant pis!!

    • Valerie Feria-Isacks

      Yes you are right most of the tattoos save the star under his right arm, and the one that is on the upper left shoulder that says “SIRS” or some such, those are his real ones.

      To the person who asked where do you see music videos, well MTV UK, MTV Europe, MTV Asia and MTV South Africa still play music videos like 85-90% of their schedule, it is only here in the US that it has chnaged so completely from the original format.

    • Tagen

      love that video clip.
      sexy stuff.
      absolutely love milo.
      well anyhow.
      cant believe former jess miliano can grow up to look that hot.
      yknow he started off as “party guest 1″ in the fresh prince of belair
      anyhow again.
      yummy. x

    • Florence

      Yay! This one is my favorite!!! :D