Jessica Alba GQ Interview

This past week I’ve posted Jessica Alba’s GQ picture set, and earlier today I added the behind the scenes video of Jessica Alba’s GQ picture set. Today comes the last part of this Jessica Alba GQ special – the interview itself…

This interview is a part of GQ’s Jessica Alba special and will be a part of the upcoming issue on the shelves this week:

On her future in Hollywood:

“Right now, I’m just exploring what my contribution to this business is—other than wearing a bikini and getting caught by the paparazzi.”

On cameramen shooting her private parts:

“When you see the camera right here [looking down at her black yoga bell-bottoms and moving her arms into a flagman’s V], you’re like, ‘Uh, that’s my crotch.… I’m going to stand over here.’ You know? Cameramen are just horny sometimes.”

On President Bush sending young soldiers to Iraq:

“Kids that are — dying in Iraq…[it’s like a] f–k-you to people with families.”

On taking her non-Spanish-speaking father to an awards show:

“So there we were, Marc Anthony was there, and George Lopez starts speaking to my father in Spanish, and my dad says, ‘I don’t speak Mexican.’ I turned purple. Like, ‘Dad, how can you even make that comment?’ I love my papa. But he has no filter. I probably acquired that characteristic from him.”

On Into the Blue execs forcing her character to scuba dive in a bikini instead of a wet suit, as Alba originally agreed:

“…the people in charge decided to dumb it down. And all of a sudden, the wet suits went away…If I’d bitched about the change, I would’ve been called a diva. I can’t say it was the first time that ever happened. And I can’t say it’ll be the last.”

On Hollywood:

“The movie business gives a lot of people power—not always the right people. But you can tell who to trust. You can tell when people have the right thing in mind and when they’re just pricks for prick’s sake. And in all honesty, for the sake of art or a great movie, you still have to hold on to your dignity and who you are. If you lose that to be in a great movie? That’s your journey, not mine. Life’s too f–king short.”

On car shopping:

“A while back, I was looking for a sports car, and I went to all the dealerships and asked for the most souped-up cars in my price range. I took them out to Mulholland and spun them all out.”

On living in a gated community:

“I suppose it could be ideal, if you make a buttload of money.”

On being clumsy:

“I fell so many times on The Eye, the crew there would get embarrassed for me, When I first met Alessandro [Nivola, her costar on the movie], I fell down the stairs. And then on Fantastic Four, I would always twist my ankle and fall down completely. It’s just frustrating, always hurting yourself. For Dark Angel, Jim Cameron actually made me do gymnastics and dance training so I could be more coordinated.”

[via USMAG]

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    • darkangel aka reneka

      Jessica you need to just keep on beining how you are an dont let paparazzi are people who talking about you in bikini get you down.just keep living your life as who you or, and keeping doing what you does best.