Gilmore Girls CANCELLED

Here is a press statement from the CW:

Announcing the final season of ‘Gilmore Girls’ is truly a sad moment for everyone at The CW and Warner Bros. Television. This series helped define a network and created a fantastic, storybook world featuring some of television’s most memorable, lovable characters. We thank Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Dave Rosenthal, the amazing cast led by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as well as the producers, writers and crew for giving us this delightful gem for the past seven years. We would also like to thank the critics and ‘Gilmore’ fans for their passionate support and promise to give this series the send off it deserves.

GILMORE GIRLS finale airs Tuesday May 15 on The CW at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

According to Ausiello’s sources, the WB could just not make a deal with Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham.

The last deal offered included large salary hikes and an offer to do a shortened season.

The show’s cast and crew — many of whom thought an eighth season was in the bag — are said to be in a state of shock. "Everyone was pretty blindsided by this and still processing it at the moment," reports a Gilmore insider. "Talks must have broken down very, very recently because it came as one hell of a surprise."

The good news? The May 15 finale was meant to serve as either a series or season finale. And having just read the script, I can assure you that it’s a satisfying conclusion to the series. As I previously teased, it brings Gilmore full circle.

As Lauren Graham reported in 2006, she would not let the show end with a wedding, so perhaps this is why the promise of another season was not appealing to her. This is her vision:

I care very much how the story ends,” Graham said told the AP. “… It would be my worst nightmare if we end the show with a wedding. To me, the premise of the show was, ‘What if your parent was your best friend?’

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    • Taylor

      PLEASE…im beggin you to bring the gilmore girls back…throughtout the years i have fallen in love with it…and im not about to let it come to an end…you really did leave me and the other fans hanging…i want to see rory get back from her trip and see how she did, i want to see Luke and Lorelai get married, i would really like to see Logan and Rory get back together with an amazing romantic scene where logan comes back and says he could stand life with out her and missed her, and all be good again with them, PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!! its the only think i look forward too, this is a show i really get into and feel like im there, i cant do that with any other show!!! i miss it and want it back…i cryed the last episode when i was thinking about everything that was going on ( i just dont understand how you can cancel it or y?) and how it left me hanging and knowing that there was no more ever coming out…PLEASE ALL IM DOING IS ASKING YOU TO RECONCIDER CANCELING…PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE PLEASE, again im begging you, bring it back, please! =’(

    • Taylor

      im sry this adds to my comment before but i just want to say i really hope this page can save gilmore girls

    • Rebakah

      This is going to be worse than the Harry Potter Books addiction…I seriously will have withdrawals! I love Gilmore Girls…they have so much more to do and we want them to continue. The show should end with Rory having her own little girl…and deciding to raise her daughter to be whoever she wanted…just the way she was raised but with Loralie in the picture!

    • Jenna

      I just can’t believe they couldn’t make it work for another season. I know the writers said they had the last words for the final show, I guess we’ll never hear or know what they were. It was a great show and one my daughter and I watched together and brought us a bit closer together. I just wish we knew it was over when it was over and not waiting and hoping to have a finale.

    • FoilWrapped

      Got to be Rory pregnant. What else would ‘full circle’ mean? Anyway don’t be too sad. Just play the episodes back from the start. Worry about it in seven years when you run out again.

    • Rebekah varda

      I think this show was so unique and loved all over the world so many people can relate to gg and there is 2 lack of this style of show these days it could have gone 10 seasons at least!love it and all the actors and writers etc.x

    • kristen

      okay ive been watching gilmore girls for like 2 years now, ever since the show ended ive beend watching it on abc family, and i think its really sad that the show ended. honestly it should go back on. i know its been a long time, but there were so many fans, and i know im a little late here, but the show was so good. its 2009, its been 2 years, and the show would succeed so well if it came back on. the story wasnt even over, and it would be great if it could be (:<333

    • http://gilmoregirlsnews patti

      all the loyal fans deserve better than the poor story lines of the last season and an endibg so lacking in integrity everyone involved with the production should be extremely ashamed. The two ingrates, Graham and Bledel need to suck it up and do the right thing by the supporters who made their careers. Restart the show from that evil ending go from there, properly addressing the relationship issues. Also, the world needs to enjoy some eye candy by having the Sexiest Man Alive Luke Danes grace our screens weekly again.

    • Kate

      I cant believe its actually over! I will have to admit that im a bit slow on this update as i hvae not long started watching them i fink i started watching it last august i use to come in from work and my sister would be watching it and thought that it was a really stupid show but wen i was of work for a week been ill i ended up watching it all week and i have to admit that i LOVE this show i think that its amzing!!
      I am now truley hooked…..But im a bit confused the last one i watched before it turned to the old ones is where logan goes to there house and ask’s Loriale if he can have her permisson to marry Rory and they will be moving to sanfransico can some one tell me what happens please? And why did it end like that?!? After that espoide i missed two of them and then it went back to the old serious im guessing cuz thats what my sister told me and Rorys now just starte dating Jess which i have to say that he is sooo soooo HOT!
      Is there another serious after Logan asks if he can marry Rory and if so what serious would it be?!?

      Does any one think that they will make another seiours as no body seems to have liked how they ended it all and that it dont seem fair how they did it! I no it must be like 2 years now sinse they havnt made a new one but does any one think that they will make a come back or not?

      Plese let me know what your thinking of my views and help me know what serious i was on b4 it went back to the old one’s will be most grateful thanks!

    • Michelle

      Wow, I can’t imagine tv without gilmore girls! Gilmore Girls doesn’t need to end in a wedding! It sucks to be left hanging where we were. To see how Logan and Rory are doing after that year, what will happen between Luke and Loralie. If there is a wedding it can be in the middle not necessarly in the end. I agree it is about the parent being their childs best friend, thats awesome! but i think it could definatly have a better ending for such an inspirring show. I hope it comes back!

    • siobhan

      oh my god..i cant believe there is not going to be a season 8..the gilmore girls is my favourite show..i look foward to looking at it everyday..please reconsider and do more serious..please..i would be lost with out it…

    • Jess Anonymous

      Actually, Luke and Lorelai share a passionate kiss in the finale =]

      But yes, im REEALLY sad. My life IS gilmore girls.

    • Emily

      Haha, Smad, yup im reaallyy gonna miss all those funny words. Oy, this is sooo upsetting. :-(

    • MK

      it ends on a good note

      thats all i want

    • LeAnne

      no i cant function right and it makes me sooo sad i am crying

    • LeAnne

      I am soo mad im goin to cus OUTLOUD …… ass,bitch,damn,damn,shit,fu..,damn it! i hate this i hate this soooo much

      i cried soo hard

    • Erin

      just one more episode.. please!, or 4 or 13… or…. oh this sucks. Everything’s ending for me this year… school, friendships, lives… i guess i should have known i would loose GG this year as well. This has been the worst year of my life… and this is just the cherry on the top of the cake. THANKS CW! what the hell do i do now?

    • coocoo

      i knew it had to end someday, but i never realized it would be this year!
      i actually wanted to move to connecticut, but ended up in a village in upstate NY that almost has the same feel as stars hollow!
      i’ve grown up with these 2 girls, and i feel that i’m losing a friend!
      i’ll miss them but i guess “real life” as opposed to “reel life” must go on!

    • MK

      im sry…
      that would be awful

    • Jess Anonymous

      That’s a joke, right? They aren’t really making a show called that, are they?

    • MK


      and thats pathetic…its a show

      i mean i love it and everything…but geez.

    • J.D.

      What is this about Lauren and Scott NOT getting along?
      Never heard of this…what is story there, please.
      This is so upsetting/cancellation of show.

    • paula

      I agree with you completely. I also love that Lauren Graham is repelled by the thought of ending with a wedding. That’s so stupid. This show was never about the happily ever after with the guy, it was about two strong women making their way in the world. So far, they haven’t dont too bad for themselves.

    • Deborah

      Yeah Alexis is one of the worst actresses I have seen on tv, I AGREE.

    • MK

      my god she’s not great but she’s not that bad

      its just compared to the other actors on the show i mean come ON; look who else we have!



    • Jadah

      actually…not just a show…a lifestyle. maybe if you took your head out of your ass long enough you would realize that.

    • Ingeborgi

      You are so right. I am really sorry for all those fans crying now – but people,at least it`s a show. I loved watching it, even the last season but every show has to come to an end. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have done an amazing job through seven years. They made us laugh and cry- it was a wonderful time. But now they deserve a little more freedom instead of such a strong schedule and the possibilities of doing other things- acting , producing ect. And we-all the fans of GG- have now the opportunity to imagine how the story would go on, each one in the way he would like it to be. So dont`be so sad – life goes on and besides we can always have a good time watching the show on dvd.

    • gracie

      I agree with you Zuzzy!

      You said it well.

      We loved these girls, their town, the people and everything but then again, nothing lasts forever. What will last though is those cherished, wonderful moments of the show and all it’s worth. The gilmore girls have touched our lives in many ways. I don’t think I can ever stop loving them. :D

      I wish the actors we so love all the best in the future!

      Thank you for bringing our girls to life all these years! It was an amazing ride!
      Im a fan forever!

    • Pamela

      Kudos to Lauren Graham who knows when to hold ‘em and knows when to fold ‘em. I don’t believe it was the “show me the money” problem, I believe it was her creative integrity about how the show should come to a conclusion. And I, for one, applaud her and Bledel.

      It was an exciting time in television and I am glad I had the opportunity to reside in Stars Hollow, if only for seven years!

      Hats off to all connected with the show.

    • Kati

      I agree with all of you, and I am sad, but I will live. I know that GG will live on in my heart and in my DVD player. I can only hope that it does end in a good way, if so I will be okay. I am glad that L and L have made up, it is meant to be that way, mother and daughter together.

    • Kati

      I was actually watching the video of that yesterday, and totally thought the same thing.

    • Amy

      You dont know for sure that it will end on a bad note… have faith in Lauren!

    • gL

      I didn’t realize how bad she was, at least until they brought Matt in.

    • Pamela

      I can’t believe that you would consider Lauren Graham even remotely ignorant (and, I know you love her) – the woman has a Bachelor’s degree in English and Master’s Degree in Fine Arts – Theatre Acting. If she never worked another day in films and television she certainly could teach at the University level or do behind-the-scenes work i.e. producing, et. cetera., which she herself alluded to in a magazine article.

      I reiterate when I say that I think she made a creative decision and decided that maybe, just maybe, Amy Sherman-Palladino’s vision of the show ending with Rory’s graduation was the best way. Why muck up the beautiful waters of a great show and have it possibly tank (or, “jump the shark”) in a possible 8th season.

      Of course, I too am sad I can’t tune in next September to new episodes. But, I would hope any of us who have been loyal fans over these 7 seasons would be happy to let it end on a high note.

    • Marian

      Heyyy!!!! Alauren Graham is a good actress , the fact that she dont work in sexual, violence, and very dramatic production makes she a bad actress? I don´t thin so, I think that the way that she is acting strong her as a woman and as an actress

    • Pamela

      It will be interesting to see what LG has to say. I hope Ellen interviews more of the cast before the end of the show.

    • Penelope

      When was Lauren on Ellen? I can’t find it anywhere! Where did you get it from? Please tell me!

    • Beth

      I know what you mean. I wanted Lorelai and Luke married. Today is the worst day of my life. No Joke!

    • Rachelle

      I don’t think so,since she said the WB..

    • MK

      omg i use the word smad all the time!

      some of my friends do not too lol

    • Elizabeth

      I blame her character and her mother for everything, too! April is so freaking annoying…she just all around bothers me.

    • angie

      i agree my only complaint about the show ending is so soon is that we have all been robbed of l&l wedding and future. As dedicated fans we tuned in every week waiting for that moment. I mean we had to sit through a lor & chris marriage really!! I mean this is just plain cruel…..

    • Pamela

      Lauren’s appearance on Ellen will be next Tuesday, May 8th according to crazyinternetpeople.

    • MK

      yeah but lauren’s right, a show ending w/ a wedding is too..
      idk its just wrong:
      overdone, boring, expected

      ~3 things that gilmore girls purposefully avoids.

    • MK

      haha me too the other shows suck

      supernaturals pretty great
      but the stories lately…not so much

    • MK

      i agree

    • MK

      ok and you are on a gilmore girls site because..

    • Rawrrry

      I agree Elizabeth.

      To some other fellow Rogan fans out there :
      Yes, I’m devastated by the fact that Gilmore Girls is ending and that it’s not a satisfying ending for Rogan fans but it’s not just DR’s fault. He’s not pathetic. He’s not a horrible guy. He kept the show going even after Lorelai slept with Christopher and Logan was sent to London. Plus, he gave us some of the best RL and even LL moments. Besides, it’s not just DR who made the decision for the proposal and the answer. And it’s not even him who said “no, I don’t want to take the deal” to CW. So don’t go bashing him. If they got the 8th season DR probably would’ve brought Logan back.

      I’m sad and pretty pissed off but that’s not a reason to blame everything on DR and say he sucks. And by the way, we still don’t know exactly what the ending is so I wouldn’t call it the worst just yet. So to the people who are going to watch the series finale, don’t think about how it’s the “worst ending everrrrrr” because that is how it’s going to end and if you’re pissed off the whole time then you’ll miss THE last bantering moments of the show.

      But that’s just my opinion.

    • Lauren

      That’s a great quote. I actually saw it used on a Friends wallpaper once and didn’t know that it came from Dr. Seuss.

      Thanks for cheering me up. :)

    • Allison

      I freely admit some of my words are out of anger, but do not misunderstand me. I am fully aware of Lauren Graham’s education, but that is not my implication. As a producer, which she was given the title for at least one episode this season, Lauren Graham could have turned the tides of the Gilmore Girl’s failing plot. Therefore, creatively it could have been in her hands, and in this new title she could have continued to flourish. Apparently the CW couldn’t offer her enough money to continue. That is what I am insinuating. Lauren’s apparent greed in not accepting the offer,and especially her tardiness, is a throwback into her loyal fans faces. We have loved her as Lorelai for almost eight years, and her holding out for more money only to decline the CW’s final offer is appauling and heartbreaking as we came to know and love her under completely false pretenses. I am devastated in her apparent personality flaw and desperately hope that I am wrong in judging her decision.

    • MsOrange

      I Love april! I thoguth she was a great asset to the show; it was how Luke handled it that made it suck

    • lindsey

      when is she on ellen?

    • Janice

      Where is this Interview you read from Lauren? Where can I find it? Please help me! Thank You

    • Erin

      NO NO NO NO NO NO WHAT ABOUT RORY AND LOGAN!!!!!! DO THEY BREAK UP FOR THE END… I AM SO MAD, AND SAD, AND THIS was NOT supposed to happen… i am crying as well, this wasnt supposed to happen!!!!!

    • Erin

      lol who the hell is ROGAN? at first i thought it was a typo but then you did it again, admist all this sadness you made me laugh kid,, are u REALLY a fan of GG?

    • Jess Anonymous

      Are you saying Matt’s a bad actor? IMO, hes an amzing actor!!

    • Jess Anonymous

      It actually will most likely be dinner at th enightime if they decide to stick with that ending =]

    • Jess Anonymous

      You mean over ten seasons?

    • angie

      they don’t have to end the season with a wedding I just wish that they could of made it happen some where in the middle guess we already got one though lor& chris….

    • Mak

      First of all, if they did a couple (say 13) more episodes, they wouldn’t have to ‘end’ the series with a wedding, they could go beyond that, showing us that Lorelai really can ‘stand still’, that she’s finally grown up and won’t bolt again after getting back together with Luke, that we (and Luke) haven’t stuck with her through all her antics to see it all come to nothing. I’m pretty sure Lauren feeling bad about the romantic thread (and the Crazy Internet People’s demands for more L/L) played a role in her not wanting to continue the show in that direction. I just feel 1) that they shouldn’t have led us on from the very beginning if they didn’t have the intention or the guts to pursue this ‘great love’ thing all the way through, 2) that having a wedding and ‘closure’ for that part of GG doesn’t have to interfere with the overall quality and originality of the writing, or with the other story-lines (especially L/Emily, or the wackiness of Stars Hollow). The wedding and baby script cheesy? Perhaps yes, but I say to hell with all this politically correct writing. GG can make it work!

    • Hallie

      ROGAN is a mixture between Rory and Logan’s names. It is what you call them as a couple.

    • MK

      yeah rogan…rory/logan!!
      niiiice one there

      umm… are you?

    • Mak

      ‘about two strong women making their way into the world’…, so for Lorelai that would be getting to run her own inn (check), and …
      I think the relationships played a huge part in this series, the mother and daughter storylines first, for sure, the friendship with Sookie, but ASP set us up for Luke X Lorelai from the very first episode and kept dropping hints all along. It was just as much about Lorelai maturing into a woman capable of knowing herself and finding some peace in her love-life. That they (ASP (starting with season 6) and Lauren Graham) are too cynical to go full circle and make this a true love-story (so what if not true to life, was Stars Hollow ever true to life?) is just sad, and frankly a big fat finger to all the fans.

    • Gretchen

      This is a real blow to all of us who have been fans from day 1. There are just too many loose ends that can’t possibly be tied up in two episodes. Not just L/L, what about Hep Alien, huh? what about Kirk and LuLu? I want to see Suki and Jackson’s new baby!! I’m going to miss Stars Hollow and all of it’s townspeople so much. But as sad as it is for the fans, it is probably much worse for many of the cast members. I don’t think Scott Patterson wanted it to end. Frankly, with Gilmore Girls gone, I will have no reason to turn on the CW at all!

    • MK


    • MK

      yeah but if the eighth season was only thirteen episodes the normal ‘middle’ would be the end..

      and if it was say, the fifth or sixth episode-even including the summer time jump- that would be extremely odd and they couldn’t rush luke and lorelai like they did lorelai and chris…that would just SUCK because making luke similar to chris in ANY WAY = BAD.

    • MK


    • em

      Sheesh, I type too fast. :P

    • Alexandra,Greece

      i’m still hoping the same thing…
      it’s soooo sad…:(
      every time i think of the ending of the series i want to cry…
      I’m going to miss it so much…:’(

    • me

      you bitter jerks, shut up

    • gL

      @Jess: The point I was tryin’ to make was that yeah, Matt’s an amazing actor (he lasted for 3 seasons (DUH)) which really reflects poorly on Alexis. In fact he’s the only reason I even tuned in to the show for to start with:P

    • Jess Anonymous

      Oh haha. Me too, kinda. I saw him and was intrigued =D And then I realized the show was great, too!

    • dina

      i agree. to me its the big fat johnny cash finger. i was hoping that they would treat this season like that one season of the show “dallas”, where the whole season was all a dream, and they started all over again. i’m a 38yr old mother of a teenage daughter who will miss watching the show together with her. all good things do come to an end eventually, i just hope it ends well. i doubt it. we’ll see.

    • Jess Anonymous

      Ha. No. If your asking if lauren and scott got married. I cant really tell what your asking. No, they never got married. In fact, somewhere around the bush the rumor floats that they dont get along that well.

    • Jess Anonymous

      Rawrizzlyo. Bad-a-mundo.

    • Jess Anonymous

      Huh. I never thought of that, but when i think about it, yeah it kinda is like the season 4 ending.

    • lol

      lol Erin eradicates her comment about ROGAN, my mistunderstanding, BY THE WAY, i hate when people do that! stupid slang, one day will we look back and think why the hell did we make that shit up! Anywho… life without GG sux!!!!

    • Erin

      omg yur right, and what makes me mad is that the press statement said that they feel like they ended it well… an ending isnt an ending if you want MORE, and an ending doesnt leave you feeling like… that’s it! i guess we will all have to wait and see…. 8 days i think.

    • Mitzi

      Lauren said no WEDDING. What makes us so sure there won’t be a MARRIAGE ? Just think about that :)
      P.S. Think elopement, my friends!

    • Jess Anonymous

      Huh. Maybe. But idts.

    • Cinderalla

      yer i agree with the get you head out of your arse and take a god look around at the great how that your missing

    • marie


      jen where do you download the videos?

      guess i better just do the same now..

      this is so sad..

    • originalfan

      I guess they didn’t feel their fans deserved the loyalty we have shown them since season 1. Shame on them. I even watch it all the time in reruns. It does not matter how many times I’ve seen it, I watch it. No more!!