Tonya Cooley Dishes on “The Inferno 3″

Tonya CooleyThose cool kids over at talked to Tonya Cooley (definitely one of the craziest, most controversial reality TV personalities, like, EVER!) about the Inferno 3 and her other projects (yes, she even discusses her “Skinimax” flick).

Here’s a taste:

We all know that when it comes to Tonya Cooley – you’re spontaneous, you’re full of surprises on TV, and I’m sure you’re certainly like that in real life as well. Can you give the fans any hints you know as to what they can expect to see from you this season on Inferno 3?

Oh my gosh. I’m like going through my head in a little slide show of what I can’t tell you. This is the craziest show I’ve ever been a part of. I mean from the fights, everything, I’m at a loss for words. I will tell you that the challenges are actually worth watching. Like every time I finished a challenge I was like, “Now that hurt.” So overall, the intensity of Inferno 3 is unbelievable and you’re gonna see the same old Tonya and I think you’re gonna be surprised with the rest.

How would you say that this challenge compares to previous challenges that you’ve been on?

It does not compare. First of all, Veronica, Rachel, Tina…all of those girls are not there so I kind of like that. For me that was like a whole new show in itself. And it just doesn’t compare. I wish that I could, I mean I’m ready to like tell you everything but I can’t. It’s gonna be a great season. It’s like the only season that I’m actually blogging on my MySpace page and like advertising and I totally want to be a part of. And I mean, I still do a lot of really stupid things on it, but just everything about it, the intensity, Africa, you’re gonna love it.

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