Jessica Simpson Oops Moment: Boob Slip!

Jessica Simpson Boob slip

I can’t show you it here because we have a no nudity rule, but Jessica Simpson was recently spotted popping out of her shirt!  This was taken as Jessica headed to Club Element for a party.  Go here to see the uncensored picture.

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    • Eartth


    • matt

      u should show her tit

    • Ryan

      you should have just let it fall out its not like no one has seen them before

    • antonio

      boooooobs are big

    • Bon Jovi

      Don’t block ot out

    • skinny-dipper

      I want to suck them. I want to suck them like a baby.

    • rompa

      yuck!!! so discusting!!! $$$

    • HaterBaiter

      Boobs out again? No major newsflash there. In fact, the farther she falls into obscurity, the more they will “pop out”.