Katherine Heigl Adopts A Dog For T.R. Knight

This is such a sweet story. Dog-lover extraordinaire, Katherine Heigl, recently flew all the way to Nebraska to adopt an older lab mix, German shorthair, collie mix puppy named Ebony. The intent? To surprise fellow co-star, T.R. Knight with it.


And before you could say “George looks so adorable in those scrubs,” the dog found wandering the streets near Antelope Park was Hollywood bound.

Ebony flew to L.A. on a Tuesday morning flight — spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, manicured.

She didn’t sport sunglasses, but she was wearing a “very ladylike pink collar,” Wheeler said.

The shelter director is too busy tending to more than 200 dogs to watch much television, so she was unaware Izzy and George had recently slept together on prime time.

In the real world, however, she knows they are good friends.

“I believe she wanted to surprise him for his birthday,” she said.

So cute.

Via | Journal Star

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