Mariah Carey wants to adopt? Just get a cat, girlfriend

For pete’s sake. Just go get yourself a cat or a fish or something. PLEEASE don’t inflict yourself on some poor kid.

Mariah Carey is allegedly planning to adopt a Mexican orphan.

The ‘Hero’ singer reportedly visited Mexico’s Frank Gonzalez orphanage with her lawyer recently and rumours are now rife she is considering adopting a child.

A representative for Mariah has refused to comment, only saying they would not speak about her personal life.

Meanwhile, the glamorous diva recently reduced the crew of her latest film to tears with her moving singing.

Mariah, 37, performed ‘Right To Dream’ for a scene in her new movie ‘Tennessee’ filmed at music club Second Fiddle and it struck an emotional chord with some onlookers.

Oh, is there some riddle as to why they were crying? Really? Because to me it would be pretty obvious – I cry when Mariah Carey sings as well, but then again I always cry when I feel like I’m going to throw up.



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    • crystal

      i think she can do whatever she wants! if she wants to adopt, let her, your not incharged of her, n im pretty sure if she adopts a child, that child would be the happiest kid alive. i meen having a mom like mariah carey would be awsome. she has the money to pervide food, clothes, n a roof over his/her head, so whats is ther she cant do. MARIAH CAREY IS INVINCIBLE, and an insperation to me. girl do whatever you want ther is no one stopin you.

    • candy

      Okay I hope she don’t adopt a mexican! what for?

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    • BbyGurl

      lol that chick dus some crazy ass things
      but no one can argue, with her voice ey, like jus my opinion no one has to get all offended an all just like wen she sings she sounds like an angel, and yeh i have shed a few tears from her singing, she’s the 6th most richest celebrity, n well if you dont like her, alot of people will always b there to support her neway