Live Blogging – Tuesday Night, April 3

Let’s see if we can get rid of Sanjaya this week with the Tony Bennett award show. One of the songs that he’s made popular is “Hit the Road Jack”, and hopefully we’ll be able to change that to “Hit the Road Sanjaya”. How old is Tony, but he’s still looking good.

Blake Lewis
Blake is singing “Mack the Knife”, which according to Tony Bennett is “pre-rap” music. He’s nailing it to the floor man! Blake is totally smooth in just about everything he does on stage. The question will be if he adds any of his flair to the rendition. His dancing on stage reminds me of some of the moves Harry Connick, Jr. has in concert. Probably his best performance in my opinion. Great trumpet flair by the band at the end (coming from the guy who’s played trumpet for years)

  • Randy: that was a very good way to start off the evening. Perfect song for you, couple of pitch problems. I liked it.
  • Paula: you personify pizazz. “You’re just cool!”
  • Simon: good choice of song, performed it well. 7-10, but gives the band 8-10. The band played a big part.

Phil Stacey
Phil has been looking forward to this week ever since he knew it was coming. He’s considers Tony a legend and Tony said that Phil is one of the better singers in the competition. I believe he did a good job on this genre.

  • Randy: interesting choice, just didn’t feel any real connection or action
  • Paula: reminiscent of a young Frank Sinatra, I still need you to have more joy and warm up the vocals. Have the personality come through
  • Simon: had all the joy of singing in a funeral parlor, completely and utterly gloomy and slightly dark. No life in the performance

Melinda Doolittle
Singing “I’ve Got Rhythm”, and sporting a bit of a new look herself. Melinda’s phrasing and articulation as she’s singing is absolutely professional quality already. She’s putting a lot of personality into the performance, let’s see if the judges recognize it.

  • Randy: you come out here every week and give everyone a lesson in singing, “this is how you do it right here America!”
  • Paula: it’s like a master class, flawless from beginning to end.
  • Simon: thought it was a bit cabaret, thought the 2nd half of the song was great, had personality and fun

Chris Richardson
Fan question, “What do you consider most when choosing a song?” First and foremost you gotta do something you’re comfortable with, then what the audience likes and hopefully the judges will like it as well. Chris is singing “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”. A little bit of a transition for Chris on this performance from what he’s been doing the last couple of weeks. I think he’s really showing up tonight and bringing to the contest. He’s built himself up some more status for votes tonight I believe.

  • Randy: one of your best performances of the whole season, you came out with a vengeance and interjected his own style
  • Paula: didn’t compromise anything, made it so hip and cool. Best performance “bar-none”
  • Simon: thought it was very good, very believable. Agree with Randy and Paula, made it kind of hip and worked it out very well. Probably one of the strongest tonight.

Jordin Sparks
Tony says that Jordin is terrific. Very intelligent about her improvisation as well. It wasn’t outlandish. She’s doing a good job, but I think Simon will label it “forgettable”. It seems to be at the height of her range too, which catches me off guard. Sounds like she’s straining more to hit the notes, I wonder if she’s fighting a cold or something. Last note was nice and strong though.

  • Randy: we got some heat up here, the bomb again, she’s like a pro and only 17. what?
  • Paula: you’re a natural and you exude when she’s onstage
  • Simon: she sang it very well, but didn’t make the song young and current, very old-fashioned and traditional though

Gina Glocksen
With Gina singing “Smile”, this will be a vast departure from her normal style of song and performance. WOW! Let’s talk about a completely different look at this stage in the performance. Her classy style tonight reminds me of the same kind of contemporary style that Gwen Stefani has. She did a great job as well. It’s a contest tonight.

  • Randy: very nice controlled, performance from the rocker girl. I liked that
  • Paula: flawless performance
  • Simon: not too pleased with the vocals, two other female performers came out and totally out-performed her.

Sanjaya Malakar
He says his goal this week is to make America see that he actually can sing. We’ll see. Looks like he found the flat-iron hairstyling that Melinda was using. I will admit that he’s doing a much better job this week, but everyone I’m sitting with tonight watching the show agrees that it just comes across as a high school level performance.

  • Randy: what I like about you now is that you’ve turned into an entertainer
  • Paula: “I get why people love you”
  • Simon: let’s try something different this week, “incredible” [Was that sarcastic?]

Haley Scarnato
Big discussion in my brother’s living room tonight about whether or not Haley is portraying herself a little too “trampy” with some of her warddrobe choices.  I didn’t really have a problem too much with what she’s worn, but she’s definitely displaying a significant amount of cleavage this performance. My brother said this, if she were your wife or girlfriend, would you want her dressing like that? Her performance is coming across very cabaret tonight with “Ain’t Misbehavin’”.

  • Randy: thought this would be a good style week for you. what about you Paula [Randy totally didn't say anything]
  • Paula: did I mention you look good in green
  • Simon: you’ve got great legs. A little pageanty.

LaKisha Jones
Picking “Stormy Weather” is totally the right choice for LaKisha tonight. She should be able to totally rock this performance with this style and particularly this song. LaKisha brought back the gauntlet tonight, but so did just about everyone else so we’ll see what happens.

  • Randy: loved it, perfect song for her
  • Paula: most gorgeous she’s ever looked, sounded beautiful as well
  • Simon: sassy, great performance!

So, what will it be this week? Will Sanjaya go home? Honestly at this point, I don’t think so. He’s probably still got a couple of more weeks on the show. I think he’ll be around until some other contestants are out and the people voting for them start piling up their votes for the other contestants that can actually sing.

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