Wynonna Judd’s husband arrested for child molesting!

So which one of her kids did he touch? I would frigging KILL HIM. She’s big enough to do it.

Troubled country singer Wynonna Judd has been hit by another devastating blow: Her husband has been thrown in jail for allegedly sexually abusing a child.

Daniel Roach — Wynonna’s second husband — was arrested March 22 at the Shades of Hope rehab center in Buffalo Gap, Texas — the same place where Wynonna battled a food addiction just a year ago. Roach, say insiders, was being treated for an undisclosed addiction.
Roach was held at the Taylor County Jail in Abilene, Texas, on a $750,000 bond. He is charged by a grand jury with three counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child, according to Don Aaron, public affairs officer for the Nashville police department. Roach had been Wynonna’s bodyguard for 10 years before the couple became engaged in August 2001. They married on November 22, 2003, in Tennessee.

She just doesn’t catch a break, does she – arrested for DUI, now a child molesting husband. You better hide the Twinkies if you live anywhere near Wynonna!


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    • Heather Evans

      I know what she is going through, One month ago I found out that my husband is a sexual offender who has been running for 10 years. I met him in my hometown of New Orleans. And he has been arrested numerous times in N.O. and never once had to register as a sexual offender. He had three counts of sexual assault on two 13 yr old girls,and he was 19 at the time.The charges were done in Decatur, IL. Because he pleaded guilty, they dropped two counts and only charged him with one. So it went from a felonly to a misdeamenor. It absolutely is humiliating to find something like that out about the man you loved. And I can imagine how hard it is for her, since shes a celebrity. I’m a nobody, and I’m embarrased to walk outside. My son is what helps me move everyday. I am more hurt, because this will hurt my son in the long run to find this out about his father. I will be praying for Wynona.

    • Mary

      Pretty harsh on her, aren’t ya! I can’t believe you can bag on her now, poor thing. I think she has been through enough.

      • xcm

        Thing is the correct term!! Is it a he or she!!!

    • A Corner Wino

      hey …she’s a fat slob who bought this creep down to molest them kids …if she wasn’t so desparter for a man she would have done better ( gay boy kenny chesney or lil dick tim mcgraw) at they were not molesters…did i say she was a fat slob ha ha ha

      • xcm

        Yeah she’s really gross ‘ just lost 60 lbs and till looks like she could probably pull her flabby gunt over her huge head!!

    • mr mean

      if the fat pig wasn’t filling her face wit hfood she might have seen the pervert doing this shit….but nooooo she has to woof down a dozen cupcakes before breakfest the fat pig

    • chris

      So it’s her fault he was raping the kids? You are a fucking dumbass. Most of these assholes get away with their crimes, at least he got caught. So what if she’s a overweight, Corner Wino, I’ll bet she can spell a hell of a lot better than you can. Probably has a high school diploma too. Why don’t you go stand on a corner and beg for some more money for booze, dipshit.

    • Christian

      D.R. Roach is the most stupid and worst man ever…Why on earth would he do that junk to a kind, great, beautiful and strong wife…She deserves better than that….She is to good of a person to be treated by a butthole…..I’m on Wynonna’s side all the way…Maybe her should think of what he’s done to that poor woman ……..She don’t deserve any of this…And DO NOT TALK ABOUT WYNONNA IN BAD MANNERS…She’s a great person and she is the last person anyone should be hatefull about…