American Idol – And There Were Eleven: Part II

We start the second half with Jordin Sparks who answers a viewer question and the song that names her life is “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters.

Jordin Sparks – “I Who Have Nothing”
LuLu says she’s only 17 and is amazing. Jordin is one of the contestants in this season’s group who’s style seems to have completely changed. Her appearance style, not necessarily her vocal style. Her vocals have continued to become stronger and stronger in my opinion. She has absolutely amazing power for such a young performance. She’s belting out these notes and not wavering at all on these notes. TOTALLY ROCKED THAT PERFORMANCE! She may have just displaced LaKisha as tied for the top for me.

  • Randy: very tall order, very controlled, great, great performance, one of the best we’ll see tonight
  • Paula: each week we learn just how great your range is becoming, good singer and a wonderful performer
  • Simon: she sang it beautiful, but he wants to jump off a bridge. A bit depressing, but she sang it beautifully

Run to the bathroom, it’s break time. And we’re going to get a wild side of Sanjaya and I predict a Rolling Stones song.

Peter Noone says that it’s not a singing competition, it’s a voting competition. They’ve all proven they can sing (EXCEPT FOR THE NEXT ONE!), it’s about winning the audience.

Sanjaya Malakar – “You Really Got Me Going”
Sanjaya admits that he’s not the best singer in the competition. Durh! You think? Peter says he just doesn’t have enough experience to sell what he’s got. There’s a little girl in the audience that’s absolutely balling her eyes out because of how bad he sings. At least that’s why I’d be crying like that if I were in the audience.  He’s kind of got the hair of Mick Jagger.

  • Randy: shocked him tonight, he came out of his shell tonight, best performance to date
  • Paula: that’s what we’ve been waiting for, a lot of fun to see him like this
  • Simon: I think the little girl’s face says it all

Gina Glocksen – “Paint It Black”
Gina answers a viewer question, “Do you think being on American Idol has made you stronger?”. Absolutely, every week there’s so much you have to be your best and fight through it. She mentioned some blogs, I wonder if an Idol has ever read this blog, if so, I’D LOVE TO GET A COMMENT FROM YOU! Sounded like a really rough start to me, but cranking it up a notch more and more as she goes. She’s made it into her style, but for me this song may have too much keeping it clinging to it’s original arrangement and performer to change it effectively. I’m curious as to what the judges will say.

  • Randy: resident rocker, not his favorite vocal, just alright, a little pitchy in spots
  • Paula: miles better than last week, (what did she sing? I can’t remember), let more loose and have more fun
  • Simon: there were moments of complete torture, so off melody, it was just horrible

Chris Sligh – “She’s Not There”
They were scaring me, I thought he was actually going to sing “I’m Henry the VIII I Am”. Luckily he didn’t. Let’s see how he does. He starts off singing in the middle of the audience, probably a good way to connect with the audience initially. Really cool song for him to sing. He’s adding some nice tags in a falsetto. This song really starts to rock in the middle and Chris is flowing with it nicely. Hmm, we’ll see what the judges think.

  • Randy: everybody’s performing tonight, it’s like a concert in here, wound up good, ended it really strong
  • Paula: dressing much nicer, like the fact that he worked the audience, vocals were really good
  • Simon: good choice, showed personality, did a lot better than last.

What may be funnier though was that someone in the audience had a sign that said “Fro Patro” for Chris.

Melinda Doolittle – “As Long As He Needs Me”
Melinda says that this week has probably been the biggest challenge for her in a song and out of her comfort zone. LuLu feels she found the perfect song for her. She’s really slowing it down with this performance tonight. Her vocals are always dead on, but I think this performance is one of her most forgettable. A strong ending as always though.

  • Randy: save the best vocal for last, another stunning performance, great relative pitch, you are a pro up there
  • Paula: you are in your own league, tell a story with her song, just beautifuly
  • Simon: are you really as nice as you seem, you made the second part of the song absolutely sensational with an impeccable vocal
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