• Mon, Feb 26 2007

Criss Angel Will Be a Guest Star on This Week’s CSI: New York

Fans of Criss Angel should be sure to watch this week’s episode of CSI: NY when Criss guest stars as the character Luke Blade. The show will air at 10 pm on Wednesday evening.

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  • Chelsae

    i love it!!! he is awsome! he makes being crazy look hot

  • http://jajeucmeuas.com kay

    i lllllllooooooovvvvvveeeeee criss angel. he is sooooo frickin hottttttttttttttt!!! i love his show

  • val

    i love him =] ohh he is soo sexxi!! and…I cannot find any pictures of him from that episode…which i want to cuz he looks very good =”]

  • Lynn

    val: Well, my dear, it just so happens that I also write the CSI Fanatic blog and posted photos from this episode here: http://www.csifanatic.com/2007/03/02/photos-from-csi-ny-sleight-out-of-hand/

    There’s also a video clip of Criss doing one of his illusions on the show here: http://www.csifanatic.com/2007/03/31/criss-angel-being-sawed-in-half-on-csi-ny/

    Enjoy!! ~~ Lynn :-)

  • http://crissangel britlyn

    omg criss angel is so frickin hot he make me so crazy b/c he is hooooooooooot ahhh

  • http://a0 Mayra

    nothing. just been I’ve around sitting doing ,

  • http://a1 Benny

    Maybe tomorrow. ,

  • kiri

    i didnt know who criss angel was until i saw him on csi:ny. it only aired last week because i live in england. he was so fit and yay…hes awesome ^^

  • Amanda

    Criss Angel is super cute!!! Love his show. He does make crazy look hott!!!!!