America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8: Renee

Age: 20
Hometown: Maui, Hawaii
Occupation: Homemaker


TV Show: Lost
Movies: Requiem for a Dream, Airplane
Magazine: Cosmopolitan
Food: Sushi, Pizza

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    • http://americasnexttopmodel

      renee should have won antm i was hoping she would win at the start of it!!
      I thought she was the prettiest most talented girl in cycle 8!

    • http://Notsurelol Julia

      I think Renee was easily the prettiest! but i think jaslene was very pretty too! renee would have been a good winner though!

    • ashley

      i really dont know why she didnt win….she was obviously the prettiest and best from the cycle but i just dont get it….she is fantastic and fabulous i would date her if i ever got the chance….ahhh ha!!!

    • taylor

      renee should have won
      i watched every episode again and she is by far the most photogenic and charming
      her pictures are the only ones that would persuade me to buy a product
      i hope she gets big on her own…she deserves it

    • Vika

      Renee is a biatch! THANKS GOD she did not won! she was always jealous abt the other girls good work just because she did not it! Now she can dedicate to what she’s best: home-stayed mom.

    • Shane

      the worst bitch ever shown in ANTM.”Extremely”+deadly jealous of the talented+prettier!!!!!
      Worst character ever+sooooooooo annoying.
      Get Out of the way bitch :)

    • http://topmodelgossip Zanne

      Having just watched the entire repeat of Renees season,this was an out and out rip off. This girl should have won this season and probably the next season as well. There has never been a girl on any season since that could hold a candle to her. The fact that she was a little emotional, you have to take into consideration that she had just recently had a baby, and looked GREAT. Left her husband in hawaii, with little money, and a ton of responsibilites, far beyond what any of the other girls had to deal with. All in all I think that they should do an ALL STAR VERSION of Top Model and bring back all the 2nd and 3rd place winners to compete and watch what happens. Renee would still take it all.