And more Daniel Radcliffe Equus photos

Harry Potter is all grown up, indeed. Note: These pictures are a wee bit graphic, so be mindful of younger readers.

Daniel Radcliffe in Equus

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    • shae-la cullen

      i’ve seen the equus pics befor but their simple beauty never ceases to amaze me. [as well as daniel's body. lol!!!] call me a perv or a male objectifier but i love watching the goblet of fire scene where he’s in the bath and the boy,now man, is simply gorgeous. i must say, i’d “smack that all on the floor” lol!!! i’ll be fly to new york to see equus. WOOT! 16! [two more years, damn!]

    • Tina

      I give props to Daniel for extending his acting ability to live productions rather than just film. If people have not noticed he has matured into a very good actor. Keep pushing yourself to the next level with the lit that you bring to life and you will not only entertain but also educate your fans. Almost everyone has been focusing on the nudity and not on the themes of Peter Shaffer. Also, if you do the research you will find that many plays written in the 70s have nudity. Oh, and I so have to agree that Daniel is lookin good aswell ;)

    • Neo

      I agree, Equus is a brilliant play. Some ignorant people just talk without really knowing what the play is about, they just read tabloids and believe it’s all about nudity. This is a play about pshychology, there is less than 5 minutes of nudity, and it all has a meaning.
      Some comments are just too funny, it shows the ignorance of some people. Go to see the play and then you could talk, it’s a wonderful play and Daniel is so brilliant. And the music, the stage art, the actors playing the horses, Richard… all are wonderful to see.
      So don’t doubt it, go to Broadway September-February and see it.

      Real actors are the ones who act in the theatre, because to act in a movie is easy, the director and people who edit the movie can cut it in many ways to make an actor look good, but theatre is much more difficult.

    • http://tomfeltonanddanielredcliffe luke bean

      i’ll will be shirtless and sexy also hot and good looking men

    • http://yahoo sanila

      Sanila hi daniel how r u.Hope u r fine.I love u so much everyone said u r so hot n sexy but i will say that u r very sweet and loving i have heard about ur sickness pls its a request take care of ur health i hope u will write me.bye tc l

    • http://yahoo sanila

      sanila hey Daniel i am back what r u doing now ,hw is ur health is it good now pls don’t give presure 2 ur brain i am very worried about ur health ok bye now looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove uuuuuuu . tc

    • Timothy A. Bear

      An oil portrait of Daniel Radcliffe and a horse from the play ‘Equus’ with pancakes on their heads.

    • __aka:ZHu_XiaN

      d**n he is soooo hoooottt
      i wish i was the horse hahahahaha i was only joking…
      but he definetly a man now!! :P

    • shawn reddy

      i give you the hands up. you are too good for your age.
      your fame is all over the world and i would like to have just one day of the fame to see how you guys lifes are

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    • hannah trivette

      i think that dan is such a good actor and i am looking forward to HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.

    • shawn

      daniel keep up the great work

    • Claire

      daniel ur so amazing and i luv u to death but those pictures r not apropiate for any age!! i mean ur wat 19 an ur already loosing so much publicity that u have to take those pictures?? i would very much like to meet u too bad i have to work to even get pocket money at a young age!!(13) im from UK and i have no brothers only sisters!! i luv ur harry potter movies i wish i was Ginny Weasley because she gets to kiss u in tha movie!! r yall doin tha 19 yrs latr seg. i hope u r!!! i luv ya much more than any1 could imagine i mean i dream bout kissing u !!!!plz type back to me ok dan rad!!! luv u goodbye enjoy ur day and movies !!!

    • Mason Myatt

      Graphic? My god in heaven, there is no nudity here and if there were, so what? If myopic Americans would get their heads out of their asses and look at the wider world, they would see starvation, desperate hunger and thirst, war ravaged nations and cities, rampant disease in the under-developed world and our own nation which has more than the rest of the world combined still wanting more “stuff.” Those things are obscene and horrific. All these self-styled Christian moralists apparently do not read much of what Jesus taught. Not a word about sex and nudity but a whole lot on materialism and on our complete duty to marshall our resources in the service of those who are needy. The human ody is not a dirty thing nor is sex. People who concentrate on these trivial matters must not like what they see when they look in their own mirrors. If you do not like nudity, wear clothes.

    • http://att.ney katelin

      dud hes was a freakin adult in uk it really didnt matter
      an i say that its just art nothing more but art so i say all but good things to his parents

    • Big Sexy Chick

      Most of u r freaks!!!! I mean come on! All u care about is nudity and sex! So what, he get naked. What’s the big deal? Ok, so he’s only 19. But i mean u probably walk around naked at home. i know i do. well said the people who understood the art of the play. i understand the people who said daniel was sexy and a great actor too. but the rest of u, get a life!
      P.S. I LUV U DAN!!!

    • Big Sexy Chick

      Danny? If ur reading this cudcha gimme rupert phone no.? I need to talk to him about his mistake at shooting 2day. to all people who aren’t dan, i’m his friend.

      • Tom

        No you’re not. You’re just some jerk who wanted to make everyone think you were his friend. Next time don’t post it on a website people come to for looking at nude pics of him… oh and also Daniel likes to be called Dan if you watched his interviews you’d know

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