• Thu, Jan 25 2007

Tocarra in Bikini

Media Take Out has gotten some rather revealing pictures of Tocarra posing topless in a bikini thong. No idea what kind of photo shoot this was for, and I’d venture to guess some of these might not be “work safe” so here’s a relatively modest one. lol.


You can see all of the photos over at Media Take Out.


Thanks, Leora :)

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  • Ellen

    Some of you fucks have a fucked up view on what fat is – Tocarra is not fat, far from it. Thick yes but not fucking fat!

    You people saying she’s fat – you must be damn jealous of her or your idea of thin is when your bones stick out. That’s not thin, it’s unhealthy and sick looking. If I can count ribs on a woman without her sucking her stomach in, she NEEDS to fucking eat!

  • jay-p

    toccara is thick and fine in all the right places. it’s a shame these pretzal stick skanks cannot not keep there hatin opinions to themselves.

  • http://yahoo.com javad

    us ka gadda acha hain uske gale bhooth achce hain usko chodna dil bol ra

  • mzRoni2uNOhIo

    Toccara is very pretty, and besides that she rocks cuz she is from Ohio. Ohio stand up!! Keep doing ya thang Toccara!

  • mia

    she is beautiful flawless skins intact, so for all the haters keep hating thats your job is to hate.