Paula Abdul Clips Censored from YouTube

Paula Abdul has had some video clips of her taken off of YouTube. The video clips allegedly illustrate Paula Abdul’s loss of control and seeming problem with being intoxicated.

This kind of stuff really irritates me. I don’t think she’s ever been drunk, but she’s definitely been a little hyper-active and loopy that’s for sure. I don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive of each other as one being the cause of the other, but that seems to be the news.

An article on Red Herring illustrates the problem and says this about the situation:

Following a week’s worth of controversy about her behavior, Fox Broadcasting ordered clips of Paula Abdul swaying, appearing intoxicated, and answering questions on TV news programs in a nonsensical way taken down from YouTube this week.

What’s your take? Is she a drunk? Or just loopy?

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    • Megan

      I believe what she said about he never being drunk. I know some people that say that is impossible for someone her age and be famous to never be drunk let alone drink. There people out there that do like the taste of alcohol, I know I don’t. As for her being hyper on air….that’s just the way she is and I know that she takes multiple medications for her RSD and Arthritis. I love Paula I will stick by her….