NFL to Britney Spears: No thanks, you’re a train wreck

This is just the beginning of the end for our BritBrit:

Looks like Britney Spears has crotch-flashed her way out of the Super Bowl.

Among the celebrity business being brokered while everyone is in L.A. for the Golden Globes is casting for an all-star NFL Network promo to air during the Feb. 4 football finale.

A source familiar with negotiations says Spears’ people were turned down flat when they asked about participating.

"She’s too much of a train wreck," says the insider. "Besides, we already have Paris Hilton."

Ouch! (As of yesterday, Hilton was said to be "on board" but had not inked the deal.)

Spears’ infamous underwear-free week out in L.A. disqualified her from a Super Bowl still sensitive about Janet Jackson’s 2004 "wardrobe malfunction," says the source.

The NFL Network spot plays on the eclectic group of celebrity friends who attend Cincinnati Bengal Chad Johnson’s Super Bowl party. Confirmed to appear are L.L. Cool J and country band Rascal Flatts, with Martha Stewart catering.

"Janet Reno and David Beckham are also on the wish list," says the source. "Larry David said he might do it. Also, we’re trying to get Predator, from the movie."

The Predator, but not Britney? Harsh!

Britney’s not coming back, yall. I think we need to all start getting used to it. Sniff, sniff.


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