Denzel Washington says no to love scene with Julia Roberts – because she’s white

First things first: is Denzel Washington not one of the most gorgeous men on the planet or WHAT. Just look at him. Holy Cow.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah:

The ‘Déjà Vu’ actor was cast opposite the Oscar-winning actress in ‘The Pelican Brief’ on Roberts’ own insistence, but he refused to take part in the sex scene in the original script out of loyalty to his female African-American fans.

According to Newsweek journalist Allison Samuels’ new book ‘Off the Record’, Washington said: "Black women are not often seen as objects of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience."

Washington also revealed he turned down the lead role in ‘Love Field’ with Michelle Pfeiffer because of the film’s use of the word n****r.

He said: "It was n****r this and n****r that. I wasn’t going to be one of many n****rs in a film."

I appreciate where he’s coming from, but aren’t we kind of past all this? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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    • M

      i am a black man(African in america), not an African american. to be more specific, born a so-called negro. i respect Mr. Denzel Washington’s choice to not kiss the very beautiful and talented Ms. Julia Roberts in the Pelican Brief becasuse of his respect for his core following of Black Women. he played THE GREAT MALCOLM SHABAZZ(MALCOLM X) and as far as i am concerned had the pleasure of kissing the talented and beautiful ms kate vernon. he was playing the life of the GREAT MALCOLM X and i believe he knew BLACK WOMEN would understand. do your thing Denzel.

      • M

        does make sense. Denzel was playing Malcoln X. A real person who had relations with white women. a true story. in the fiction pelican brief Denzel played the fictional character Gray Grathum and chose not to have the love scene with Ms Roberts. there is the difference and therefore Black Women could digest his choices.

      • iceman123

        he should’ve did the part all this black respect is long time ago it was just a part it was’nt like he was going to really have sex with her.,i would have done it they (hollywood ) cast black women with with white men ( something new ,think like a man the black women should get over it already !

    • J Topps

      Doesn’t make a lot of sense seeing that he did a love scene the year before in Malcom X with a white woman.

    • soontoleave

      Hey Denzel, how about telling that to; O.J, Cuba, Tiger, Seal, Quincey, Michael ( Jordan and Jackson), Jim Brown, Richard Pryor, Sammy Davis Jr, etc, etc.

      • Hope

        The funny part Tiger is not a black man, and had no loyality to blacks so his off that list. Quincy Jones helped many black musicians but doesn’t intermingle with many african americans, OJ is in jail, Seal is a mess now, Cuba career has been hindered, Jordan’s first wife was black and etc, etc.

        I have noticed the most celebrated black men in America are the ones who are supported strongly by Black women

      • iceman123

        they can marry who they want the black women don’t own black men!

    • Hope

      Good job Denzel, thanks for representing. Black men like you give good influences & images for the black american community. Black women were one of your first fans and always be your fans

    • itatruth

      You amercians are so racial. I am a mulatto from sweden. My mother is swedush and my father is from the ivory coast. Even touh racists exist here. Race isnt a big issue as it is in the states. Its frithening how a multicultural mixed country like yours are so fixed on races. We have a lot of imigrants and mixed races over here to. But there is not problems at the levels you seem to have in the states. Here we have had a mixed suciety for only 40 years or so. You have had it for since your country was founded but stil have these big problems. Wery sad to see

      • LDix

        To itatruth… our bouts with racism spans much further than your mere 40 years could ever interpret. Although we have progressed and have made many significant strides in America, the scourge of slavery and being treated as 2/3 of a human being over some 200 plus years ago is still having a lasting affect on the psyche of blacks in this country. And yes we’ve had to fight to get to the point where we can actually trust the dominant race of this country, it is not as simple as giving a pardon for past indiscretions. And so to have black women identify with a man (an iconic figure of their own race) and his decision to create the illusion that healthy relationships in the fragile black community can exist, in my mind was the right decision for Denzel to make at the time.

      • African american 100%

        Amen, I can’t believe she is comparing Sweden with America’s racial history. The truth is in America black marriages(african american) are not healthy and IR is not the answer in the african american community at all. A issue that nobody wants to speak about is that many african american women, the only men in their dating pool are Black men, particularly african american men NOT white, asian, hispanic and etc cause it’s either black women are loyal to their african american men or most non-black men look at african american women as unattractive and not the epitiome of beauty(even black biracial women who have dated white men have complained about this) and so their options of men are limited. Black men have more options cause of many non-black women are open to being with black men and vice versa but when it comes to marriage it’s a different story but not about attractiveness but other issues. African american women are more territorial cause white women are getting into their territory in men supply, and it’s personal with them. To white men and women they are not in small numbers, they are the majority, they are considered the epitome of beauty and attractiveness in society and hold alot of the power in America, so they don’t need to worry of losing men or women in their large community(and even Asians particularly who love whites). They will always have someone to chose from but African americans don’t have that luxury. Black africans and Black Caribbeans in their countries don’t have to face what african americans are facing when it comes their dating and marriage pool cause they are the majority in their countries. So Denzel Washington issue is big deal cause his decision will teach many young african american men and women the importance of marrying in the community. Plus majority of Denzels early fans when he began his career were african american women. They worship and adore him, he is the image of a black men they all want and to see that image putting his love on a white women in a hollywood movies speaks volumes that will put a sour taste in their mouth. Denzel has fans of all races plus white women now but his fans from the beggining of his career were african american women and I think Denzel knows this and is loyal to them cause of that.

        President Obama mentioned when he first got elected after the Rev. Wright fiasco that America needs to have a discussion about Race, not just about the usual racism issues but the racial taboo issues that America avoids to talk about, in order for America to fully move forward or no matter how much strides America makes these race issues will always rear their ugly head and this article is a example. many white americans want to downplay this issue or disregard it cause it doesn’t affect them, so they don’t care, and consider it a non-issue but to African americans it’s a issue cause it’s affecting them in the face.

    • iceman123

      I would love to have a sex screen with juila roberts she so attrative ,i love white women !

    • iceman123

      sandra bullock is another actress i would like to do a sex screen with i got the hot for white women!

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