Jenna Jameson files for divorce and is dating Shrek

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz

Adult film queen Jenna Jameson (legal name Massoli) has filed for legal separation in Los Angeles, from her husband of three and a half years, Justin Sterling (legal name Jay Grdina).

TMZ obtained the legal papers, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Jameson, whose legal last name is Massoli, has been estranged from husband Jay Grdina. Grdina, also a porn star, performs under the name Justin Sterling.

It’s anticipated that this divorce could get rather nasty considering there is no preup and reports that Jenna is rolling in the dough.

Jameson has been linked to the likes of Dave Navarro and most recently to the Ultimate Fighting Champion, Tito Ortiz.

Is it just me or does this Tito guy look like Shrek?
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source TMZ

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