Britney Spears wants panties for Christmas

Britney Spears Panties

You know – I’m thinking everyone should just go easy on Britney.

K-Fed probably took all of Britney’s panties for himself – we KNOW she does wear them sometimes! And we’re proving it – right here!

Let’s all add panties for Britney to our Christmas list and see what the new year reveals – or doesn’t. ;)

Of course, if you MUST participate in the flurry of Brit-addicts who are keeping watch on the pantiless adventures of Britney, you’ll be sure to find all the photos on X17Online

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    • Delphine

      I don’t know about you guys, but this is just so bad. As a society we need to come to Britney’s defense on this one, when will the voyeurism cross the line.

    • Gayla

      Delphine, I know it’s sad that our world has come to this sort of thing.

      It’s my personal belief that IF a person chooses to live in a glass house (i.e. the stars) they need to keep their nose as cleans as they’d like to be seen.

      Hanging out with Paris Hilton is not the way.

      I’ve always been a fan of Britney – but since she married K-Fed, it seems her image is on a downward spiral that’s spinning out of control.

      Sometimes the best way for a person to straighten up is to hit rock bottom and I’d say Brit is just about there. Maybe not financially, but just look at her lately?

      When you have to hang out with Paris, it’s pretty close to the bottom.

    • Ray

      Is she dead yet?

    • Kurt

      Love it, should be more of it hehe

    • anna


    • jeff

      i’d eat everything inside those red panties

    • granit

      wow :P …SeXyY

    • vijay

      We know britney is beatutiful and talented, but some problem with her thinking, she can whatever she wants at home, out in public, needs to learn and behave in a civilised society.
      what are u trying to show to this world?
      briteny who does not have problems, but we should first have a strong mind to accept certain negative issues.

    • Vishal


    • Vishal

      no opinions