Tyra Banks In a Bikini

Well these certainly aren’t from Victoria’s Secret, but I’m not sure where they’re from. Anyone know if they’re recent? Hollywood Tuna seems to think so.



Via | Hollywood Tuna (Thanks, Arieanna!)

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    • lyie

      did anyone touch up these pictures? because Tyra is soooooo in shape – not ‘skinny’ persay, just perfect! i love the way she looks all the time, she is a great insperation but did anyone ‘touch’ these pictures up because she looks different, like they do on the front of the lying magazines when they make them look bigger and flabbier – but that is not Tyra!! ;’(

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    • http://ffasdf shana


    • Burl

      Tyra is a talented Lady who also happens to be the most beautiful Lady on TV. What does she need to prove to anyone?

    • http://verizon.net gerald willman

      despite the fake eyecolor and fake haircolor thats unatural for her race background!!!-and that large alien forehead !!!! -she now looks worse with the weight poor-poor tyra please throw in the towel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.xanga.com/AllureTrend Ashli

      I don’t think tyra is fat, she’s retired, she looks perfect. I think gerald is just jealous because his girlfriend isn’t as hot as tyra.

    • Yannic T.

      As long as Tyra is comfortable with her self dats all dat matters she is the most beautiful black woman on t.v in my opinion not only b/c of her looks but b.c of her fun loving, outgoing personality! LOVE U TYRA

    • The Inmate

      I’d hit it.

    • Whitney

      I think Tyra is the most BEAUTIFUL model EVER!!!!! She is not fat and her “Fake hair, and eye color” is super pretty, she changes it all probably because she gets bored easy, I know I do! I change my hair color every month! Is that unnatural for my race? who is to judge what is natural and unnatural for every race? certinly NOT someone who does NOT know what they are talking about! I wish I was HALF as beautiful as Tyra! My dream is to be just like her!