Girls Just Want Daniel Radcliffe For His Money

Okay, here’s the article:

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe says he is being deluged with offers from gold-digging young girls wanting to get their hands on his multi-million pound fortune.

The 17-year-old – who is worth as estimated £23 million – says he has developed a kind of sixth sense to identify those potential suitors who are only interested in his wealth and fame.

Asked if he was dating, Radcliffe told an American magazine: ‘I do date, yes, but not at the moment.’

Asked whether he was worried that girls might just be after his fortune and fame, he replied: ‘They are always a worry, yes, but I’ve got pretty good instincts for people.

‘Normally, the people who are not genuine are the ones who say “You know I’m not just being your friend because you’re Harry Potter, right?” And it’s like. Uh, fine, but if that’s the case, why do you need to say that?’

Radcliffe started dating for the first time when he was 16, when a 23-year-old trainee hairdresser working on the Harry Potter set caught his eye.

Irish-born Amy Byrne met Radcliffe in the summer of 2004 during filming of the fourth movie in the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. They regularly visited each other’s homes and went on dates together.

But the couple eventually split due to his punishing schedule to promote Goblet of Fire in London while Miss Byrne flew off to work as a hairstylist and makeup artist on a Turkish movie set.

For the past year, Radcliffe is not thought to have had a serious girlfriend.

Radcliffe also spoke to Newsweek of how visitors to set often get ‘awestruck’ by his presence.

He said: ‘I suppose visitors to the set sometimes will be slightly awestruck, and that’s odd for me because I know myself, and I know there’s really nothing to be awestruck about.

‘The premieres are very odd because you get out of the car and there are hundreds of people screaming your name.’

He added: ‘People recognising you is not really an issue. In fact, one of the best moments of the Reading Festival for me was on the first day: My friends and I walked out of this tent, and there was this guy passed out on the floor. He woke up, just momentarily, went, (in slurred, drunken voice) “It’s Harry Potter!” and collapsed again.’

Radcliffe, who sprung to fame as the title character in BBC’s David Copperfield at just ten-years-old, also said people confused his character with himself.

‘Harry’s grown up on film, but not me. I don’t really have a sense of myself growing up on film because I’ve done so much growing up off film, as well. I was really angry as a teenager – just all those hormones in your system – and irritable, impatient, bored.

‘I’ve had my moments of getting really angry, irrationally, but to be honest, they are few and far between nowadays. What have I got, really, to be angry about? I’ve got a few things that I would change, but I’ve got a great life.’

Radcliffe who was privately educated on set and at the City of London School, achieved straight A grades in his three AS-levels this summer.

He added: ‘I definitely want to continue being an actor. I love it so much. But I want to write as well.

‘I’m going to take the year off and then review the (university) situation. I’m doing a play Equus next year, so there’s no way I could do eight performances week and do (university).’

The teenager said making his stage debut naked on London’s West End would strip away some of his image.

‘Part of me wants to shake up people’s perception of me, just shove me in a blender. If I’d gone into the theatre and done something light and fluffy, everyone would have just gone, “Oh”, that’s not particularly challenging. It doesn’t prove anything.

“But this is a really challenging play, and if I can pull it off – we don’t know if I can yet – I hope people will actually stop and think, “Maybe he can something other than Harry”,’ he said.



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    • jasmine

      its so depresing thT danial( i know i spelled his name wrong) is growing up i mean im only 14 but ive seen the movies from the begining and i watch the sorserors stone a few weeks ago looking at those little kids being harry ron and hermoinie! wow there all so much older and so am i i hate stop being a kid and nice article two. cant wait for the final book comes out and the last movies come out to! ok nbu by

    • C.Lyn

      I think it might just be me, but Daniel seems a little full of himself. I mean, yes he is famous and is a wonderful actor in my opinion, however, not every person out there thinks the same. From what i have heard in interviews he seems like he thinks the whole world believes that he is the “sh*t” and that isn’t true. Some people at those primeres are yelling ‘Daniel Radcliffe sucks’ and such. So, I think that he quite a bit stuck up.
      C. Lyn

    • aurus

      i honestly say kudos to you daniel. I think is absurd that peoplr say that “oh so-and-so is such a great person or so-and-so is so stuck on themselves. fans do not know the actors. yes i wonder what they are like but then i step back and i know i dont know that person. I have to feel sorry for actors because they get stuck in a certain persona. especially for dan because hes doing such a long standing major part. I have tremendous respect for him. he is an excelent harry but i genuinly hope he doesnt get stuck behind that and just get type cast or always thought of as oh yea hes that harry potter guy right? also i love to hear that he also wants to write he has always seamed like a person who has ambition and could go far.

    • udita

      daneil u r a fa mous boy n u r being a snobster abt it.u r no one to comment upon any one cause fans r the one who made you so give hem some respect. and do something with your acting it is pathetic if u really read it then think upon it.cause u cant carry on long whith a handsome face.

    • kirsty

      Hey daniel radcliffe do ppl know if he got a girlfriend yet or is he dateing anyone yet i think he is cute lovely lad i like his blue eyes

    • Mara

      I agree with aurus. I totally respect Daniel. It is hard for actors and actresses to be appreciated by others for who they are and not what they are. Fans love the characters because they do not personally know the actor on that level. Yes he has a passion for acting and writing but for a passion from a relationship are completely different things. I don’t believe he is being stuck up at all. I think everyone really does want to have a honest and true relationship with a comfort knowing the significant other wants to be with you not just for what you have. I’m so close to his age range and it had been such an experience seeing him grow through his films and by his plays too. I wish him the best! (:

    • Amber

      I think that it is really stupid how people only wish to date a famous person like Daniel Radcliffe just because he has money. It’s not about what is in hie pocket, its about whats inside of the person. People should think of them as a person just like ourselves. Thats basically what they are. NORMAL people. It must be really hard to be famous because of the respect you get from people. You might not be able to tell if they are being true or not. I mean im only 15 and i have more respect for famous people than alot. Ive meet Celebs. And its not such a big deal. im not all over them. Once you hang for a while you really get to know that they are all normal people just like us. I mean i would love to meet Daniel Radcliffe. He is probably a nice respectful person.


    • mehak

      hey dan i know its difficult to cope up wid d people shoutin ur name 2 see u just once,u r really famous i tink ur grlfrend might just b d one 4 u , whoom u cud trust ,hope u find ur best match soon

    • Kareena

      hi Daniel its funny how people go to famous people just for their money but i think your cute Daniel and i really want to be in the movie of Harry Potter!!!
      bye Daniel

    • Pebbles

      I hate it that people think the worst of actors just because they are good at their job.

      It’s plain and simple. They’re jealous. Daniel’s a great actor who has amazing talent and suits his role as Harry Potter better than anybody could ever do.

      Personally, I think Daniel deserves his wealth because he’s earnt it. He’s had to spend half his life filming for the five films which have been shown so far, and having to deal with fans.

      I am a huge fan of Daniel and the only reason this ever sparked was because of a mysterious dream I once had which made me see him in a new light.

    • courtney

      I think Daniel Radliffe would make an ecellent boyfriend.and no it’s not because of the money it’s because he is cute and he seems to be a very good person on the inside .I would love to date someone like him.

    • Nancy

      Well the guy has the looks we may agree that far right? Now I do not see how on earth he is stuck up. If I was famous and had a bunch of guys all over me I think I’d think twice before I decided to date any of them. I mean how the heck do you trust a person when you have a HUGE money sign behind you?

      I also feel really bad for Daniel, I mean I would hate being known as Harry Potter for the rest of my life. [Yes...even if Harry Potter is the bomb being known as him must really sux]

      I honestly wish him and ALL actors/actress the best of luck on dating and marriage. Reaching fame is tough, hardest when you grow up with a single character too.

      P.S. For some reason I don’t think I’d dare date such a famous person. Not only is he stalked but you are too for dating him *sigh*

    • Alexandria

      I think that’s sad.
      I think that sometimes I keep forgetting that being famous would be good but it also has it’s bad sides.
      I think Daniel is a realy nice person and i would like to meet him.

    • Sahar

      Well i dont even think of Daneil as a star because acting is his profession and there is nothing big about it but the only thing that is good in him is he is hardworking and extremely talented and that is good.I wish he would read this and get this nonsense of his head because besides me there are lots of girls who want to have a relation with me.I just wanna be friend and its only because there are lot of things common between us eg playing guitar,hating maths and we like the same music.