Wizard sayings and their Muggle equivalents

1. "Merlin’s Beard!" / "In the name of Merlin!"
– Muggle equivalent: "Goodness sake!"
2. "The cat’s really among the pixies now."
– Muggle equivalent: "The cat’s among the pigeons."
3. "No use in crying over spilt potion."
– Muggle equivalent: "No use crying over spilt milk."
4. "Hold ye Hippogriffs." (Hagrid)
– Muggle equivalent: "Hold your horses."
5. "God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs" (A song)
– Muggle equivalent: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
6. "Galloping Gargoyles!"
– Muggle equivalent: "Goodness gracious!"
7. "I’ll never lay a wand on …"
– Muggle equivalent: "I’ll never lay a hand/finger on … "
8. "Time is Galleons, little bro, time is Galleons." (Fred to Ron)
– Muggle equivalent: "Time is money."
9. "A poisonous toadstool never changes its spots."
– Muggle equivalent: "A leopard never changes its spots"
10. "Never tickle a sleeping dragon."
– Muggle equivalent: "Let sleeping dogs lie"
11. "Not enough room to swing a crup in here."
– Muggle equivalent: "Not enough room to swing a cat in here"


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