Ten Horror Movies That Will Make You Pee Your Pants

Oh, it’s Monday. Meh. So let’s hide in our cubicles and watch scary movies, shall we? Here’s ten clips that ought to put the fear of Jebus in you!

Here’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining. He is one crazy mofo in real life, so in the movies, you KNOW he’s going to absolutely be a nutball. "What should be done with Danny?"

Okay, let’s talk about The Exorcist. I’ve only seen clips of this movie, and that was enough for me to sleep with the lights on. The bunnies do a good job with this flick:

Psycho, originally made by Alfred Hitchcok, was remade about five years ago with Vince Vaughn. Yeah, the same guy who’s supposedly schtupping Jennifer Aniston and was Brad Pitt’s best bud in Mr and Mrs Smith. But it has Aragorn in it!! So its kind of good. Kind of. A little.

"Step into the light, Carol Anne!" Poltergeist scared the crap out of me when it first came out and it still does. Geez, turn off the stupid TV already!

Jaws: "Don’t go back in the water!" Hell NO I won’t go back in the water, not when I’m going to get my leg bitten off by a ginormous shark.

Halloween (take your pick of sequels) is one of those movies that led me to sleep in my mom’s bed for a week. With the lights on. With a baseball bat next to me.

I caught this flick, The Amityville Horror, on TBN one day when I was home sick from school. Thirty-seven sessions of therapy later, I finally started to talk again. Yay me!

Crazy highschooler, a car, and a satanically inspired restore job. That’s Stephen King’s Christine.

What do you get when you pair Sigourney Weaver, scary aliens, and things popping in and out of your belly? Why, you get Alien, a movie that had me checking myself for alien parasites for quite a long time.

Last, but definitely not least, one of the best horror movies of all time has to be Carrie. I mean, you’ve got crazy mothers, mean highschool kids, and buckets of pig blood – not to mention paranormal powers. Go Carrie Go!

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