Annie Leibovitz Shoots Angelina for Vogue

Annie Leibovitz just finished a photoshoot with Angelina Jolie for Vogue. From Newsweek (Oct. 2, 2006 issue):

“I talked with Angelina before the shoot,” says Leibovitz, who’s famous for her preparation. “She felt like she was coming back from having the baby and she felt very sexy and ready to go.” Jolie, a pilot, suggested shooting on an old airfield near the desert, with motorcycles and small planes among the props. (She flew herself to the location and the next day, Brad Pitt buzzed up in his plane.) They also spent a day shooting in the dunes near Death Valley, where the mercury hit 104, and the wind whipped so hard that everyone was peppered with sand. There were 50 people on the set, and racks of clothes from the New York spring collections to be tried and styled. It was as if Leibovitz were directing a small movie.

Looks like we can expect the pictures and Vogue cover in December, 2006, but will certainly update when we know for sure!

Image above – Annie Leibovitz photo of Angelina from Vanity Fair, June 2005

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    • viva brangelina

      wow!!! i obviously will buy the magazine! it’s such a relief after being served with the ex’s face all over the mags for months. now here comes the true beauty!!! *lol*

    • john

      Yay can’t wait. :) LOL vive brangelina .

    • john

      gah I meant “Viva” not “vive”

    • anustin

      thanx god for the new face of this mag.

    • Brangellina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I will buy the magazine. I love them both!!!

    • luv brangelina!

      Dosn’t Brad look old and worn out. He is aging terribly. He needs to stay out of the sun. Together they ae stunning. Angelina is stunning by herself. Zahara is the cutest, there is picture of Zahara and her Mom on the cover os Intouch magazine and Zahara is so adorable. What can I say about Maddox the coolest five year old on the planet. Brad, I look you dude, but the beauty you once had is fading. Please stop smoking because you are shrivling up in th face. Even so, the Jolie-Pitt family are the most beautiful family on the Planet.

    • jagres54

      Love Angelina!!!!!!! She is just way toooooooo gorgeous!!! An exquisite beauty, thats for sure!! Boy! just wait till old ugly chinnifer see’s her all over the mag. OOOOOOOOOH! Jealousy will knock her down, and the GREEN EYED MONSTER will soooooooo totally come out of little ms. chinnifer. Gotta Love it!!!! All I have to say, is that AJ is a 10, where JA is probably only a 3, and eat your heart out, JA, because AJ is the winner in beauty, and she will always be the winner when it comes between JA and AJ. JA could never, ever be put in AJ’s category of beautifulness, bottomline!!!!! I soooooo truly can’t wait till this mag comes out. I will definitely purchase this mag. I just love her, she is just toooooo beautiful for the eyes. No wonder so many men fall in love with her. She so truly mesmerizes them with her beauty. And, boy, she really is one beautiful actor, mommy, and live in girlfriend. Bottomline! Sorry JA, but you need to go back to TV. Thats where you belong, big time!!!!!

    • angelah

      love her!! this issue will be my first vogue mag ever!!

    • Alicia

      Angie is just too beautiful, can’t wait for the mag to come out!! by the way, Angelah, are you my buddy from JustJared by any chance?? :)

    • http://www. Arezoo

      angelina jolie is my love…i’m a parsian girl so i’m not really good at english writing…but i realy love angelina jolie.i went to every sites to find her pictures…

    • nima