Lindsay Lohan with no panties

Lindsay Lohan has been caught without her panties. Or so the media says… today. It’s been a battle about what is the true picture and what is the photoshopped version. There is one that shows her "firecrotch" and one that shows plain old panties – ugly ones at that.

The photographer who captured Lindsay Lohan in this Oops Moment is now claiming that the panties-less photo is the original. I have not wanted to post this for my own doubts about it’s authenticity.

If indeed the Oops Moment is real, apparently our Lindsay Lohan likes to get the Brazillian treatment…

Photo 1 Direct Link ; Photo 2 Direct Link

What do you think? Which one is more likely? With the panties or without? Is Lindsay Lohan a baggy pink panties girl, or is she a Brazillian commando girl?

Via wwtdd (1)(2)

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    • LindsaysLabiaLover

      Lindsay has no knickers in this shot, get over it, she is a confirmed dlut, I mean she was poked by Bruce Willis!! Just for the record, I still like to look at her pink little cleft.

    • Miri Cohen

      I don’t wear panties. Why should she?

    • Robert Abernethy

      Jelousy thrives!!!

    • soandso

      with panties! the undies are better than comando, but that awesome pic of her taking her plain white undies off,that speaks for itself!

    • lol

      i know the comando one is the real one, but i prefer the undies, especially the one with her taking her undies off, i was suprised to see that she was wearing whites, i mean no sparkles or colour, just the plain white undies, and like before, i prefer that

    • Allie

      I have read through all the apparently defensive comments (mostly by young, naive pubescent girls, by my reckoning) stating that “Lindsay Lohan would NEVER go without underwear because she’s not a slut!”, and I agree with the comment that suggested that these little girls all grow up.

      Firstly, going without underwear is seldom a “sexual” act. If any of you had ever lived (or visited) in a hot country with high humidity, you would know just how hot and sticky a pair of undies can be for us. I regularly go without panties while I am out shopping etc., usually with a knee-length dress or skirt (or longer). And in the intense heat of summer the LAST thing I am thinking about is whether someone’s getting a look up there – lucky them if they do, though I certainly don’t go flashing anyone on purpose! Many Australian women around my age and older, including a few of my friends, don’t wear undies for this very reason.

      Call me a slut if you like, little teeny-bops in training bras. Other than my husband I have only ever slept with 2 other men in all my 34 years – theory blown. And as for Lindsay, she no doubt travels extensively throughout countries that are even hotter than this one, and quite likely finds, like I do, that it is more comfortable to go without.

      Your derision, children, should be directed at the slime-ball paparazzi that follow these stars (like Paris, Lindsay and Britney) around waiting their every moment for a sneaky snapshop up their skirts. To them I say leave the poor girls alone, for god’s sake, and stop your voyeuristic obsessions!