Michael Lohan a Minister

Apparently, in one string of odd events after another, Michael Lohan has decided to add "Minister" to his list of credits (drunk, inmate, cartoonist, etc).

According to Starpulse, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael is truly her father now – he’s become a pastoral minister after ‘finding God’ in prison. He says he prays about Lindsay every day (*gagging noise*).

In an exclusive interview with tabloid the Globe, he says, "Tragedy had turned my life around and given me the faith to carry on. I hope God never has to get Lindsay’s attention in the same life-altering way he got mine."

Incarcerated Lohan, who is now a minister for Pentecostal church the Assemblies Of God after studying religion behind bars, insists he’s determined to show his daughter the error of her ways and help her seek out God when he’s released from prison.

He adds, "I’m in a position to help Lindsay more than ever… I can show her that redemption is possible through God’s love." Lohan has even written a book about his epiphany, called “Turn It All Around With Life’s Seven Blessings.”

Ew. Blah. Barf. Such a nasty and manipulative and selfish man. I’m so sorry for you Lindsay.

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    • glenn

      hey dina,
      if ur divorce thing gets totally nasty with michael and lindsay feels that she’s in some kindof trouble because her father seems to me as if he’s trying to track her down u might want to get emilio estevez (her director) to guard her. send him to do so. he stood up for her the moment someone said a bad thing about her i guarentee he could be a good help to both u and lindsay in person by showing up at the court house with both of u for support and to witness on everything that lindsay told him (i think lindsay told the right person her troubles if she actually did tell him her troubles) (after all it’s emilio she can trust to help). send emilio with her everywhere. without him being around her at all times while going threw this it isn’t safe.
      lindsay’s fan,