Brad and Angelina Adopting a Namibian Child

UK’s First magazine came out today with a cover story you might be interested in. Surprisingly enough, I cant find any more reference to this anywhere online. So here ya go – click the article image to enlarge and read it:

Brad and Angelina adopt a Namibian boy

Brad and Angelina adopt a Namibian boyBrad and Angelina adopt a Namibian boy

Here is a blurb:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are about to adopt another child, first can reveal. Just two weeks after giving birth to Shiloh Nouvel, Angelina is excitedly planning to adopt a Namibian little boy.

The actress, who gave birth in the African country, has already filed adoption papers. She hopes to have the child in her arms within weeks.

Thanks so much, my dear friend, for the scans and the scoop!

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    • Anhriette

      Coming out of “lurkdom” to post on here. I think that Brad and Angelina will adopt again, but I also believe that ‘adopting’ a baby, and having a child of your own are very different.

      Don’t get me wrong. Angelina’s love is what saved Zahara, and it is her love that will continue to nurture that little girl and help her grow into a beautiful young woman.

      However, if Angie is nursing Shiloh, that changes things a lot. Those of us who have given birth know what it’s like. Even when we are taking an evening out, we have to make sure that we “fill” up enough bottles so that the baby will have enough to drink and will not go hungry.

      It won’t make Angie love Shiloh anymore than she loves Zahara or Maddox, but I will say this — and this is from my own experience with my three children. Each child that you have owns a part of your heart, a part that belongs only to you.

      My first son was born eight weeks early, and back then, it was life-threatening. They didin’t have NICU back then. He was put in an incubator, and that was all they did for him. He fought for his life. He weighed 3 lbs. 9 ounces, and when he was released, the doctor told me “his life is in your hands.” Well, he is now 49 years old and has two sons of own, one of whom also had a long battle for his life. Frank is very special to me, because he was my first born, and because he made me realize what being a Mom means. He owns the first part of my heart.

      My Roger came along five years later. Even at birth, he gave me troubles. He was breech, but I did not have a C-Section. So, in a way, both his life and mine were on the line. He was the most sensitive of my children, sensitive to my every mood. He died at the age of 33, and to this day, I miss his voice, his arms around me, and his standing next to me to show everyone how he towered over me. He gave me a lot of trouble during his life, but a Mother’s love doesn’t lessen because our children don’t meet our expectations. To this day, he owns a rather large portion of my heart.

      Our daughter, (my second husband’s and my child) came along another five years later, also four weeks early, but no other problems. She was our little doll and was spoiled rotten by her brothers, who absolutely adored her. Michelle has inherited my epilepsy; has a severe curve in her back from scoliosis, and several of my other problems, yet you never hear her complain about her pain or illness. She is beautiful, to me, and the light of her Daddy’s life. She is the one who just got married, and yes, she owns another part of my heart. I have to save some of my heart for my three grandsons.

      Each one of my children was very special in their own way. I cannot say I loved one more than the other, not even my Roger, and the part of my heart that belonged to him feels very empty now.

      Mothers, and let’s face it, Angelina is one of the very best, will realize, with Brad’s help, that each child needs a little time to be the baby, to be the one who needs the most nurturing. Right now, that baby is Shiloh, not because she is their biological child, but because she is helpless and needs her Mother and her Dad to be there for her.

      Angelina is aware of this, and I think that she will adopt again, and perhaps even have another child, but I also think that she will wait. She gave Maddox all her attention for quie sometime before adopting Zahara. The same thing happened with Zahara. Somehow, I don’t think she will adopt right away again.

      My blessings to Brad and Angie. They are truly two beautiful people whose love is reflected in their children.

      Back to lurking.


    • JPF

      Anhri, this is from Angelina is on the cover this month (it comes out today June 16).

      On Shiloh’s birth:

      “It’s different to say that you choose to bring a child into existence. I didn’t choose to bring my two adopted children to life. Strangely enough, I was concerned about [this difference], and I have been making a point recently to give my adopted children more attention. But I feel now I love them equally … and I am very lucky that I am not a single parent. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for mothers who have to go back to work so soon. ”

      (After you get here, there’s a link that says “Click here to see what else Angelina has to say.”)

      p.s…come on out and play Anhri!

    • Bethany

      Anhri> ITA, I think that quote by angie sort of sums up what you were trying to say.

      I love this quote:
      “In my early 20s I was fighting with myself,” Jolie says. “Now I take that punk in me to Washington, and I fight for something important.”

      On having to go to washington:
      “As much as I would love to never have to visit Washington, that’s the way to move the ball,” she says. And since giving birth to Shiloh, her third child–she adopted son Maddox, 4, in Cambodia and Zahara, 1, in Ethiopia–she promises more cameos on the Hill. “The more children I have, the more I feel it’s my duty,” she says

    • rollick

      i think that unbeleivable from the most popular couple in the world to be such a true human being of adopting 4th child and making there family a big yroop of childrens and watch them enjoy think he said seven also(lucky number for him). I also think their children will be coming back to back. The next one will be adopted and the one after that will be biological. hats off to the couples

    • http://hi arlinda

      i think that it is true because they likes baby(children )