American Idols on Fear Factor

Idols on Fear FactorTonight’s episode of Fear Factor with Joe Rogan was an interesting one. They’ve got contestant teams from the various reality TV shows competing against one another. One of the teams consists of Anthony Federov from last season’s American Idol when Carrie Underwood won. Anthony’s partner was Carmen Rasmusen from

This “reality” special will be going on all week. Anthony and Carmen are still in it so be sure and check them out.

It’s already been very interesting because Jonny “Fairplay” from Survivor has been playing his normal mind games and totally messed with two contestants from The Amazing Race, Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller. If you don’t remember their names, maybe you’ll remember them because they were the team who completely faught with each other the whole time (which they continued to do in Fear Factor). Anyway, Fairplay got in Victoria’s head so much that when they gave up on the challenge and got back to the group, Victoria punched Jonny. Then Joe Rogan was seriously reprimanding her for assaulting Jonny Fairplay, and her husband Jonathan and Joe began to fight. Very interesting, so be sure and stay tuned and see how far the Idols go.

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