More Pics of Shiloh from Hello and People

Hmm. I am hesitant, but for now anyway, in thumbnail size, are the pictures of Brad and Angelina and baby Shiloh (and beautiful Zahara) taken from scans of Hello Magazine bright and early this morning:

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt



Thank you my friend!

[Afternoon Update: The article and pics of Brad and Angelina and Shiloh from People are floating around now. Same pictures.]

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    • Belle

      What a lovely, contented, healthy baby -gorgeous – no wonder they look so happy. I guess she looks just like her wee self, but her eyes are wider spaced than Brad’s, I think, like her mum’s.

    • karen

      the new baby and family of children are bueatiful.may they stay together forever on earth as in heaven thanks for the pictures and wish I could of had the chance to donate money to children of the world as did brad and angelina thanks for showing the world what real love and devotion really is much and many blessings to all of you. karen

    • Diana

      The photos are very beautiful. Its obvious Shiloh has Angies beautiful lips but i think she is way too little to see who she will look like, in sure she will change so much in time.

      Sorry to get off the topic a little, but i feel rather disturbed at an article i just read about JA quoting “Brad will be raising this child on his own while ‘she’s’ off adopting more kids from around the ‘world’ Two words came to my mind when i read this……JEALOUS and BITCH. Hopefully she is wrong!!

    • Catherine

      Diana…I am all for supporting the Jolie-Pitt clan as a fan and as a humanitarian, but I don’t believe for one minute that Jen said that. She’s got more class than that, and friends who are still friends with both her and Brad (George Clooney for one) who would take offense if either of them bashed the other.. The magazines usually take a little thing she said and twist and distort it all out of context. I won’t bash Jennifer because the tabloids are gunna drag her back into the story just when we all have our focus on the happy family. It’s a ploy for money on the part of the tabloids…don’t buy into it.
      Now…whatch your lingo, and BGPNDF.

    • Mandy

      ^^howe so when she is going to be a stay at home mom. Something that Jen couldn’t do and wouldn’t do in a million years

    • Anhriette


      I already have a copy of PEOPLE magazine. It was for sale at the Albertson’s right close to our house. I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow, but it was there this afternoon.

      I did notice that some magazines seem to have different pictures.


      (Going back to lurking)

    • Catherine

      Well, Mandy, if Jen let Brad go because she didn’t want to be a mom right away then she really doesn’t have anything to be jealous of, because she didn’t want that. Thats about my take on the whole “lets bash Jennifer” stuff. It’s silly and childish. Jen doesn’t say half of the mean stuff some people say (or write)about HER.

    • viva brangelina

      Yeah… i agree with cath.
      let’s stop bashing Jen. i think all the bad stories that written in tabs were all hoax. so don’t buy it. and i like the news that she send greetings for brad and angie for the new born baby. that’s sweet.

      oh, yeah, and don’t get provoked either by what the haters say about brangie. let’s show that brangelina fans do have class.

      anyway, i think it’s too early to say whom shi is going to look like. she’s just 13 day old. her face will change everytime.
      but what i see is, she has blond hair and eyebrows like her dad and lips like mom’s.
      yeah, you can tell it that she’s brad’s baby instantly. so, NE repport is just moronic. they can’t buy the rights for the pictures, so they sell the opposite news about them just to lead the market selling. that’s so obvious!!

    • Diana

      To bring to an end any conclusion i may have drawn to Jolie-Pitt fans that i am a ‘Jennifer hater’ or ‘basher’ because of the earlier comment i made. Its not about hating Jennifer, i remain neutral to Jennifer, i dont hate her nor do i love her. If she has anything against Angelina, if you stand in her shoes, perhaps its undestandible but if she really does wish the best for both of them, then good on her for that, but just to back up my earlier comment. I am from Sydney Australia, Jen is currently here promoting her new movie The Break-up and she has been doing ALOT of interviews both tv and radio in her short time here. In each interview she has been asked how she feels about the birth of Shiloh, she has responded coldy everytime i have heard. On one occassion she has revealed that she felt “half relieved and half neuseated’ but quickly recovered by stating that she no longer wishes to be asked any more questions on the matter and that she is frankly sick of being asked that question and that she doe snot wish to further discuss her personal life. So the fact that she felt sick at the news of her former husband having a baby can only mean she is either mad with jealousy or genuinley sickened at the thought.

      I rest my case on the matter because i understand this is trailing off the topic of Shiloh’s arrival.

    • gossippup

      Can you post a video of these Jen interviews? I totally believe she slipped and said something awful. I was left by a boyfriend and he married and had a baby quickly. I attended the baby shower and helped with the set up. I was not happy, but I was happy for them… she should publicly congratulate them and move on… no matter how she feels… this is called being an adult.

    • madzz

      beautiful family..the pictures are so touching.Whatever you say about angie and brad, the fact remains that they are good people,and they are so in love!

    • http://msn Janice

      Why wouldn’t Shiloh be beautiful, with parents like that, she sure is swimming in a great genetic pool! This entire family is beautiful, the pictures speak for themselves.

    • beyondperfection79

      Love the one where brad is holding her the most.
      simply BEAUTIFUL!
      He finally got his dream, his litthe girl.