• Mon, May 22 2006

The Men of Grey’s Anatomy Soap Each Other Up

You might remember the hilarious Grey’s Anatomy intro with the female interns lathering each other up in the shower. Well, there’s a new clip with a similar plot … only with the male actors! Apparently, it was up at YouTube but Disney had it taken down. If I find another copy I’ll post it here. But here’s the description from People:

The cast of the net’s primetime darling, Grey’s Anatomy, – which is moving to Thursday night – took the stage and video rolled of Patrick Dempsey, James Pickens Jr. and Isaiah Washington in a shower, soaping each other up and trading suggestive glances. The shower door opens to reveal costar Chandra Wilson in a towel. Dempsey says, “I’ve always loved you” and Wilson tosses her towel and steps into the shower. Next, she wakes up in bed and, realizing it was all a dream, cries, “Oh, hell no!”

The clip was shown at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City where ABC unveiled its fall lineup.

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  • Karine

    Ooooh does that mean we’ll get to see it next season? It sounds like an hilarious scene! :)

  • http://greysanatomynews.com Ingrid Diaz

    I’m not sure. It might’ve just been for the network event. But maybe they’ll put it in the show! I think it would be hilarious! :)

  • http://osculate.blogspot.com triesti
  • Rebecca


    You can view the male shower spoof here! It’s hilarious!! I laughed so hard I cried!

  • matty

    OMG, I don think itd be funny at al, I’d LOVE to c McDreamy in the nude! Even though mcsteamy is sexier

  • matty

    OMG, I don think itd be funny at al, I’d LOVE to c McDreamy in the nude! Even though mcsteamy is sexier, I wonder how mc dreamy would taste compared to steamy ( if u know what I mean) or both(squeal)

  • Lucia Marzoli

    McDreamy is definitely sexier than mcsteamy.
    I don’t know what anyone sees in him.
    While on the subject of sexy men. What about Alex?

  • http://yahoo Vindra

    Oh my goodness, I love everything about this show, especially McDreamy, Dr. Mc Dreamy.

  • elle

    omg i love mcdreamy i wish i could suck his dick off right now

  • Punk

    omg duz his wife let him soap otha men down wow jst wen u thort he cunt get eni hotta omg