The Men of Grey’s Anatomy Soap Each Other Up

You might remember the hilarious Grey’s Anatomy intro with the female interns lathering each other up in the shower. Well, there’s a new clip with a similar plot … only with the male actors! Apparently, it was up at YouTube but Disney had it taken down. If I find another copy I’ll post it here. But here’s the description from People:

The cast of the net’s primetime darling, Grey’s Anatomy, – which is moving to Thursday night – took the stage and video rolled of Patrick Dempsey, James Pickens Jr. and Isaiah Washington in a shower, soaping each other up and trading suggestive glances. The shower door opens to reveal costar Chandra Wilson in a towel. Dempsey says, “I’ve always loved you” and Wilson tosses her towel and steps into the shower. Next, she wakes up in bed and, realizing it was all a dream, cries, “Oh, hell no!”

The clip was shown at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City where ABC unveiled its fall lineup.

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    • Karine

      Ooooh does that mean we’ll get to see it next season? It sounds like an hilarious scene! :)

    • Ingrid Diaz

      I’m not sure. It might’ve just been for the network event. But maybe they’ll put it in the show! I think it would be hilarious! :)

    • triesti
    • Rebecca

      You can view the male shower spoof here! It’s hilarious!! I laughed so hard I cried!

    • matty

      OMG, I don think itd be funny at al, I’d LOVE to c McDreamy in the nude! Even though mcsteamy is sexier

    • matty

      OMG, I don think itd be funny at al, I’d LOVE to c McDreamy in the nude! Even though mcsteamy is sexier, I wonder how mc dreamy would taste compared to steamy ( if u know what I mean) or both(squeal)

    • Lucia Marzoli

      McDreamy is definitely sexier than mcsteamy.
      I don’t know what anyone sees in him.
      While on the subject of sexy men. What about Alex?

    • http://yahoo Vindra

      Oh my goodness, I love everything about this show, especially McDreamy, Dr. Mc Dreamy.

    • elle

      omg i love mcdreamy i wish i could suck his dick off right now

    • Punk

      omg duz his wife let him soap otha men down wow jst wen u thort he cunt get eni hotta omg