Episode #532 – First Round

For the first round tonight the contestants are singing songs picked out for them by Clive Davis. This guy has got quite a bit of history in the music industry and seems to know a little something about music and what’s going to sell. After seeing Elliott sitting there talking to Clive, the first thing that came to mind is that it’s probably very intimidating sitting in front of this music mogul. In fact, I’d say it could probably be much more intimidating sitting in front of him than some of the artists they’ve been in front of in the past.

Clive has picked “Open Arms” by Journey for Elliott to sing as his first act. He did a pretty good job at, I think the genre fits well with him. He did an okay job in my opinion, but nothing inspiring for me on this one. It’s good, just nothing “memorable” as Simon would say. Randy and Paula both liked Elliott. Simon said he needed to loosen up and have more confidence in himself and know that he can make it to the finals if he just works it out.

For Katharine, Clive has chosen “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. Katharine just doesn’t sound on at all! I’m not sure what’s happened to her, but I think she may just be worn out from all of this. Sounds like another performance from last week, but I don’t think she’ll have the same results this week in the votes if she doesn’t step it up for her next two songs. Simon actually liked the performance overall, but did note there were a couple of bum notes at the end. I’d say more than a couple.

Taylor is rocking the house! Clive picked a Bruce Springsteen song for Taylor to sing. This is pretty impressive as Bruce Springsteen has never released his songs to be used on American Idol. This just goes to show that when Clive Davis calls you, and you’re in the industry, you pretty much do what he asks. He’s like the Music Godfather or something. Taylor is absolutely nailing this song. He’s singing it perfectly and having a blast doing it! He’s the one to beat so far. He pulls Paula up and begins dancing with her in the performance, she’s eating it up. I’m wondering about her meds again though, she looks completely out of it.

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