Episode #531 (Live Blogging): Round 2 – Chris Daughtry “Little Less Conversation”

Mottola says Chris needs to practice this song in the mirror. He’ll “rise to the occasion”.

Chris sounds great with his voice on this song. Tommy was right, the lyrics are key. I can’t imagine trying to really perform this song and not having the lyrics absolutely burned into my memory. Chris is doing great. He’s doing a great job working the audience. Wraps up towards the end with some really belting out the chorus on the song. Great performance! I think tonight is for Chris and Taylor. Let’s see if Katharine and Elliott step up too.

Randy: Randy likes it, right key, kicking it up to rocker in the end, really liked it.

Paula: She “adores” him. Little more personality. I don’t think Chris has ever challenged with showing personality.

Simon: Thought the performance was okay. Again, the other judges won’t shut up to let Simon finish.

Up next will be Elliott. But first, commercial.

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