USA Today, Brangelina and TomKat

Aside from Tom Cruise just being an insane person (sad to say), USAToday polled some people to find out which celeb pregnancy was stirring up the most buzz. I think it is pretty safe to say that the more crazy Tom acts, the less we care about him (I know this is true in my case), and that Brad and Angelina have it going on in the “buzz” department these days.

Anyway, you can see the results for yourself at USA Today. :)

Thanks bamz9love for the heads up!

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    • Catherine

      okok…I’ll post on this topic. well, lets see…it’s been just a few hours since the news broke about the TomKittens entry into the world, and I’ve been over to the TomKatCrazy site…and there is absoluetly no movement…it’s like the place is asleep. So, I’m gunna tip toe on back outta here, assuming that any “buzz” over KatiesKitten is just gunna breeze on by……………
      just like I did.

    • Anhriette

      Hi Catherine,

      I’ll post also since I can’t sleep. I must admit that TomKitten Suri has pushed our favourite couple out of the limelight for the time being. ET and The Insider covered the TomKat event very thoroughly. The only thing I’ve heard and read is that “Brad Pitt is going to rebuild New Orleans,” which BTW, is not quite what he said, but I am very proud of him.

      My Mom was born in De Ridder, LA (not too much damage), but I still have lots of relatives in and around the NO area, Lake Charles, etc. So, I was quite proud to hear what he is planning to do. I just hope that his efforts are as appreciated as are Jolie’s. I think they are both doing a great job.

      So, I am tip-toeing out of here to go get some sleep for myself.


    • Catherine

      HI Anhri! :D

      I hope you were able to get back to sleep, and that you are doing well.

      I certainly agree with those feelings of being ‘proud of’ Brad. Isn’t it odd how we see ourselves as extended family?
      and yes, I think it’s gunna be while before we hear anything new about Brad & Angie. I wouldn’t mind seeing Christina post some new pics… I hope she gets around to that soon. I have only seen one due date for Angie, and thats May 18.

      Yawn. Yep, things are a bit slow.

    • jackie

      CATHERINE I agree with you the way my girlfriend and I carry on about BAMZ you would think we are family.Just hearing his voice today giving the interview an him laughing made me so happy for him.As for the whole May 18 delivery date that was from starmag and you know how reliable they are,of course Usweekly said May 2 but I wont beleive it until I hear the announcement.I think no one really knows the due date except their family and the closest people to them.

    • Anhriette


      With my daughter’s wedding just a week away, I can’t sleep too much, or if I do, I have wild dreams about things going wrong at the wedding.

      Evidently Brad answered question “in his own way”, and they showed old pictures, but at least they mentioned them. Does anyone know if Brad’s brother actually went to Africa? I read it, but you know that’s like reading it on a “grain of salt”?

      It’s almost midnight, but I am off to take a shower. Been putting up new curtains all day, and that was tiring.

      Bye for now.