Mischa Barton to leave the OC?

Apparently Mischa is getting a bit tired of her role on The OC. She is often late for work, or skips it being “sick”. Gossip has it as dissatisfaction with the show ratings and her perception as a bratty teen on the show.

The publication quotes insiders who work on the show as being annoyed by Barton’s sickouts and tardiness – especially since she’s been known to hit the town and party hearty (and is the frequent subject of gossip-column items).

“She’s definitely flirting with leaving the show,” says one source. “But the real problem now is that she isn’t taking work seriously.”…

“We don’t comment on rumor or speculation,” said a spokeswoman for Warner Bros., which produces “The O.C.” – New York Post

Who knows if the rumours are true, but we’d miss her!

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    • ocgal262

      no one will ever really know why she left the show..there are so many rumors going around that are probably not even true..its just gossip to make everybody talk. i even read a interview with josh and he said her character died b/c there was nothing left to do with her b/c she pretty much done everything, and everything from season 1 led up to her death or something like that..he never said anything about her being late or bad acting, he actually said she was a great actress that always done her best. i will miss her, she was my fav. no one will replace her, not even taylor. If marissa would not have died, taylor would not even be a part of season 4…she is just there for a new storyline..too bad she is only in the spot light for only 16 episodes.

    • Katie

      Oh man, the OC was like THE best show EVER, and now it sorta sucks that marissa is gone! I really think that somehow she should magically come back to life, like make her in acoma, and then sh can wake up or watever and then the show can be the best show ever again! Please Mischa, everyone wants you back, you were the best thing on the show, you cant give up!! What is Ryan gonna do? Summer? If you came back then I guaruntee that they would most likely bring back the OC, and then I would be the happiest person alive, dont go Mischa, come back!!

      The biggest OC fan, EVER

      • Kathryn

        Please Please Please….. Mischa come back we all love you and seth summer ryan even julie lol come on ryan is not the same with Taylor we all miss you and would do anything for all of you to come back to the show please……….. i hate this why take off the most AMAZING show in the world with amazing views and hurts everyone honestly that show was the only thing that my life actually feel completley complete and i am lost with out all of you guys. No one is going to read this from the cast or crew but just in case someone gets a glimps i just want you all to know i love all of ur acting and i wish the show would go on….. and im not just a child im 23 and im not just a girl that watches t.v all the time im fit and active actually a professional dance teacher. (Jazz,Baton,tap ect..) and well it would mean the world to alot of ppl sooo …. i luv you all and miss your hit show…..so thanks for taking the time !!!

    • kalani

      misha is annoying kill her again O.M.G get real shes A WRECK WHAT THE HELL DID SHE EVER DO THAT WAS SO GREAT?????? NADA!!!!Shes a thorn in an infected foot.I WANTED HER KILLED OFF WHEN….. she o.ded in mex,turns gay,shot someone,then a guy kills himself 4 her after a week OH PLEASE shes so full of unrealistic drama its PATHETIC!!!! I mean she isnt half as pretty as Summer i can see if she atleast has something to offer a man but she has no body 4 crap and she looks lika a frog ”RIBET RIBET” People can i sell you snake oil? Cause if you buy what she SELLING ILL BE RICH!!!

    • Cassidy

      I want Marissa to come back 2 but the way I see it, Trey, Johnny, Volchok, they were all viruses in her life and she finally got killed by last virus that was volchok

    • marissaluver

      And also Oliver was a virus too!! It sucks Marissa is gone but apparently there might be another season and she comes back!!

    • http://3457.com.au Pisseddd offff

      #@$%@@ season four. They killed marrisaa and the show died.

    • Moe

      The OC is probably the best tv show and with out a dought Misha’s Role was crucial, so when she leftt the show the was a huge space to fill, Man I miss the OC

    • joey pow

      WOW,i am such a big fan of the show. its my entire life. I LOVE IT <3333