Burning a hole in Brad’s pocket?

When Brad shops, he really shops. There are rumors and gossip all over about Brad flying around shopping for real estate.

Apparently he is wanting to join the winemakers by buying a vineyard in Italy:

Brad, who is awaiting the birth of his first child with Angelina Jolie, has been looking at properties in Serralunga, Italy, just outside Turin. Apparently, the Ocean’s Twelve star stayed at the former royal residence Fontanafredda, while he considered two of the grand estate’s vineyards. Monica Tavella, a spokeswoman for the estate, said: “Brad’s visit was kept very secret, and only a handful of people knew that he was staying with us. “He stayed over a weekend which is usually quiet, so he was able to see the vineyard and the cellars where the wine is aged. “He was very interested in the whole process of wine-making, right from the vine to the bottle, and he was also very knowledgeable. He seemed to be interested in buying.” [source]

Also he has reportedly been to the Dominican Republic lately shopping for real estate:

Brad Pitt visited the Dominican Republic last week to scout real estate, reports The Associated Press.

The actor took a helicopter to the Samana peninsula, on the north coast, and the eastern towns of Miches and Punta Cana to look into real estate projects with art dealer and promoter George Nader.

He was photographed Friday afternoon after a meeting with German architects Lars Kruckeberg and Wolfram Putz at a hotel in the capital’s colonial district. The architects had previously refurbished Pitt and girlfriend Angelina Jolie’s house in Los Angeles.

I guess we were correct in reporting that the purchase of the Chateau Gabriel in France was a hoax.

We will be hunting down pictures next, so keep staying tuned. :)

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    • bamz9LOVE

      He’s just become so much more active it seems since he’s been with Angelina. It’s like he’s finally living out a lot more dreams besides being a dad. Like he’s creating a dynasty lol.

    • kelli

      lol The Jolie-Pitt Dynasty………i like it!

    • Deb

      I’m thinking Donald Trump better look out! It does sort of seem like Brad is trying to expand his interests doesn’t it? That is a wonderful thing, and I think he has Angelina to thank for supporting his dreams. Of course, I have the feeling that if he makes more, he’ll also donate more! That makes it good for the world doesn’t it.

    • ai

      It seems that Mr. Pitt is exploring more and more the possibility of getting into another type of biz other than the show biz.

    • Pearl

      This is a man that takes care of business,
      and knows his business. I doubt if he will
      ever go to the poor house, and he is a sweetheart
      Angie hold on to this man and appreciate!!!