Brad and Angelina Busting Up

Good ol’ Star is selling rags again with a cover story of how Angelina has popped Brad a good one over a wedding date. Popbytes has the magazine scan in readable size if you want to read that “star” story. ;)

Do you believe it?

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    • bamz9LOVE

      Annie said:

      “Another thing, if Brad’s face is bruised (whether slightly or badly), as a celebrity who does not want to court unfavorable controversy, would you think he would have gone to meet friends in the restaurant, dine and drink with them for 4 hours and then dutifully sign autographs for hordes of waiting fans outside the restaurant?”

      Beyond logical, and although I rarely give creedence to anything a tab say’s, but I’m as human as the next person and there are times when something hits you in a way you weren’t ready for, and your volley it about in your head “lie?, truth? somewhere in the middle?

      Thanks Annie.

    • ai

      Nowadays, it’s so easy to fix photos even without Photoshop. I believe the one posted as fixed. The some medias are even more mean now since they ended up looking like a bunch of ass showing up in Italy for the so called wedding.

    • Zoe

      Firstly, I do apologise from now if I make any grammatical and vocabulary mistakes in English, because English is not my mother tongue. Hi to everybody. I have been following this website for sometime without writing any comment. I am a fan of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I hope that media would leave them alone. This relationship is very new and Angelina is pregnant; it is very normal to have very sharp ups and downs. I also hope that Jennifer will stop using their names to be in the show and shut up!

    • jackie

      Amen to you all for having some common sense,I also saw the pictures of brad signing autographs and there were no bruises on him at all.For crying out loud if he had that bruise under his eye dont you think he would at least have worn glasses knowing the paps would take pictures of the bruise.Starmag,Intouch,Celebrityliving they are all so desperate,they just want to shock people.I heard starmag is not selling well these daysso they will do anything to try and beat Usmagazine.Reality check people if this was true Usmag would have been the first on it,just like the TomKat crap.Its the ragmags that are lower down on the totem poll that are coming up with all this crap.

    • dawn renee

      nice to read all the comments… i did not know that i could love and respect and feel i understand two people like i do, angi and brad. they do intrique and inspire me. i find reat beauty in both of them, not because they are glossed over, because i see deeper. i hope that they love each other fearlessly. that is all any of us should really aspire to. if i could stop all from ignoring the power of real love i would. life is not always pretty or nice. what more can i say? for the first time, being 33, i can call myself a “fan” and think of B ~ A ~ and CHILDREN often!