Sale of Chateau Gabriel to Brad and Angelina is a hoax!

Straight from the realtor’s mouth (and via my anonymous source), Brad and Angelina have not purchased, nor have they put in escrow or even bid upon the gorgeous estate, Chateau Gabriel, as has been reported by many outlets. So, I guess we wait and see what happens next. Maybe they will continue to reside permanently in the US, as was reported back in early February, but maybe not. Stay tuned!

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    • julia
    • bamz9LOVE

      Well I’m glad it’s cleared up, but sad at the same time. It seemed like just the perfect peaceful place for the family.

    • JLS

      I just want them to have their baby in France to please Angelina’s mother and then move back to the USA. My daughter lived in Paris for 5 years and it was hard for her children. No matter who you are, Americans are simply not the Frenchman’s favorite people. As a culture, France is beginning to appreciate foreigners of any kind less and less. I’m sure if anyone reads this, I might have to take some heat but after visiting there so many times and talking to other expatriates living there, I really believe it takes a lot of work to find acceptance–especially for children.

    • Olivier

      It is true that they are in Nice in Chateau Saint Martin, I have a client (I work in a bank in Nice), who sells wine and who sold yesterday 12 bottles of good and expensive wines to Brad.My client was very happy!!