OMG Brad Pitt is sexy!

LOL! He is though, is he not???

I am speechlessMMMMMMMMM is all I can say!How do we love thee - let me count the ways!

Thanks soooooooo much to BradNews for the super gorgeous pics!!

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    • Annie

      BRAD is a SUPER HOT GOD. He is just like WINE … gets tastier as he ages.

    • JLS

      Soooooo beautiful.

    • Diana

      I can´t help gazing to those sexy arms!

    • bamz9LOVE

      Hubba hubba HUBBA!!! He’s so MANLY now, and if I’m loving it, Angelina must be REALLY loving it!

      Thanks Christina.

    • Christina

      Ha – how ’bout that hiney in the last shot – wooohoooo!! ;)

    • Anna

      YUM!!!Looks like carrying baby Z around has been great for his arms….and other parts! Okay, I think I need a napkin now.

    • kelli

      So HOT – What a tease with that shirt!!!!LOVE IT WANT MORE!!!

    • Diana

      “La Madrugada” it says there… :)

      “The Dawn” … pretty… but Brad is prettier :)

    • Pearl

      Whoa, what a man, what a mighty good man!!!

    • jackie

      Looking good Brad looking good.

    • blueeyedsoul

      Goodness. Tongue. Lookit the tongue.

    • Susie

      I want to know why he was tugging at his shirt like that. Rash? Why do people pull up their short sleeves like that? Just wondering.

    • Diana

      Heat, perhaps…

    • Christina

      I prefer to think he was striking some poses for his great fans at PittWatch! Hahahahahaha! I wish!

    • kelli


    • brangelina

      oh man he looks so hot and hmmm nice butt:D

    • mae

      brad is hot..that’s right he’s like wine the more he gets older more taste good hahaha.i always wish and pray that he and angie will stay forever w/ there worldwide race kind of kids.i’m looking forward to see shiloh on her teens.

    • dona

      sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool and cute