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Jenny is talking more about Angelina
Apparently Jenny is still talking about Brad and Angelina (I think because she is starting her own show and needs the publicity) – I am glad she is happy about their relationship!

Model/dancer Jenny Shimizu insists Brad Pitt is among the luckiest men alive – because he has snagged her ex-lover Angelina Jolie. Shimizu has been keen to keep her past romance with Jolie quiet in recent years but recently opened up to lesbian magazine Diva about her intense relationship with the Tomb Raider star. The former Calvin Klein model explains, “I don’t want to sound like I hustle a**, but, for a while back then, if Angelina called, I’d drop everything and join her wherever she was in the world. “Angelina and I had a really wonderful relationship that lasted many years. I was dating her while she was seeing other people, she was that type of person; wonderful and open.”

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    • bamz9LOVE

      What is it with these women named “Jenny & Jennifer?!”

      The irony of them sharing similar names, long over relationships with two people who happen to be together now, and a penchant for not being able to put/keep a lid on the past “even though they insist they want to” is kinda creepy.

      Jenny Shimizu keeps rehashing the same thing over and over, and seems to want to suggest that she and Angelina have been contact on a regular basis, when in truth, (or according to Jenny via a QTV interview) Angelina contacted her about a year ago to give her a heads up about an article coming out, and I can’t find anything to refute JS’s claim. Apart from that, and by most accounts, they haven’t seen or spoken each other in years.

      I think she’s using a relationship that happened over 12yrs ago to get atten/paid, and I really wonder what Angelina’s opinion of her is now.
      I know she doesn’t care what people say about her, but when it’s someone you once had a relationship with even as shortlived as theirs was, and who you did think good things about them, that really would bother me.

    • Diana

      I hate this woman! Who the hell is she to use the publicity on hervfavour? I bet Angie doesn´t speak to her anymore. Somehow I think they don´t even have a friendship anymore, she´s been talking about their relationship, sharing intimate details, that´s disrespectful! She should be ashame!

    • Diana

      Also, she implyes their relationship was long and according to Jolie that was not true.

    • Diana

      also, interesting that she´s starting her own show… and a gay one, isn´t it?

    • rach

      yah shes just a pretty nasty dyke that got with angelina and now wnats to gain from that. she wants all the other little girls that fantasize about angelina jolie to envy her! all i can say is if angie could with her, chances are pretty high she would get with me :D

    • Susie

      Do you guys remember when Jenny Shimizu gave that interview where she described Angelina’s lips as two giant waterbeds? She’s used Angelina to create publicity for herself before. I think they have the video here:

      You know though, that a lot of Angelina’s exes are still on good terms with her. That says something good I think. She seems to be friends with all her exes.

    • JLS

      Did you read that Angelina wanted Jenny S. to be the godmother of their children while Brad was urging her to choose either his brother or George Clooney? It was mentioned on several websites then dropped. Hope it was just trash talk.

    • Diana

      JLS – I believe it was trash as many other balloney one gets to read all around the internet. Personally I´m ver skeptic about everything wich doesn´t come from People mag or their representants.

    • Diana

      Also Shimizy said on an interview, when asked about being the godmather, “Oh really? Then you do know more than myself!”

      Besides Mad has already a grandmother.

    • shelby

      well..i love Jenny..and the whole thing wiht angelina was ok..w.e..ya noe ppl think that she just used her for puplicity or something well i dont think she did!..n’ Jenny is not a stupid dyke!..

    • eliza88

      I don’t think Jenny’s a bum, actually I’m proud that lezbians these days can really voice their thoughts like that. Its lovely that people are starting to open up.
      Jenny’s hot for a lezbian anyway, and I dont Angelina even cares about what she says.

    • JS Admin

      She’s not a dancer, silly.