The Pitts in Berlin, part deux

Here’s our favorite fam slipping out the back door of the Family Fun Center in Berlin!

Slipping out the back way!

Brad and Zahara - awwwwwwwwww!

Photos via JJB 

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    • Diana

      Our beloved family having fun again! I so heart these pictures! Thank you Christina! :)

    • Christina

      I am a bit under the weather with a nasty cold/bronchial thing – so have been/will be sparse posting. Please feel free to add comments with links to good Brangelina stuff while I am down! Hope you all are much healthier than I!! :)

    • Diana

      Oh Christina, I´m so sorry to hear htat you´re feeling sick! :( I hope you´ll get better real soon. :)

      There are no information so far about BAMZ+1. They say (by they I mean all the sources I´m desperatly trying to follow) BAMZ are in unknown destination since they embarked at the German airport yesterday…

    • Diana

      Ok… slow weekend:

      Angelina Jolie Seeks ‘Kindness Trend’ for Wedding with Brad Pitt:


      Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Lose Patience with Europe’s Paparazzi

      And Just Jared has the pics:

      Thanks to sunlike from brangelina_fans at Livejournal :)

    • Diana

      Found these interesting scans on another board posted by ARAA, published according to ARAA in a Spanish magazine:

      Creepy, huh? :)

    • Patricia20

      thank you christina for all news about brad and angie..don´t give up..and you know where are they

    • Patricia20

      hi..diana i looked that scans that you found..they are very funny but brad and angie are very young yet..but is very funny

    • Diana

      Hi Patricia20! :)

      I know! That was an interesting and funny photoshoop to see though I sense both Angie and Brad will look better than those scans, dont you think? ;)

    • laura

      Those photos are a bit creepy and what are they in there seventies in those photos… Well I see she has not had the baby yet! I also saw pics of her flying in Feb…so if she is more then 7 months pregnant then that is not really advised a good thing to do during pregnancy… soooooooo why are they hiding out in Paris..I realize Angelina has no family that she seems to be close too ( where is her mother and brother?)but dont you think Brads family would like to have something to do with his son and be it a new grandson or granddaughter…Its a weird set up..I think Angelina is use to going it alone…I am not so sure Brad is …..Just thinking out loud that is all …I just wonder ..It would be great to see them in a interview together!! I pay to see that!

    • Christina

      Y’all are so good :) Thanks for the links, Diana – I’m glad you all weren’t without something to see while I was gone. I am not 100% yet, but I am back. I do hate a respiratory cold! Ugh. Off to posting now! Hope you all had a great weekend!

    • Diana

      Hey Christina! Glad to see you again! I hope you´ll feel at 100% real soon! I, for one, must say that I missed you very much! :)

    • Christina

      Thanks, Diana, that is sweet of you to say! :)

    • berenice

      yo pinso que deverian sacar a shiloh mas a la calle por que solo sacan a maddox y a zahara y ellos se van a europa , africa, asia , eua y no a ella.
      luego dice angelina que quiere mas a los adoptados que a ella.
      pero aun asi mis respetos para ella.