Katie Holmes’ Magical Changing Baby Bump

Katie Holmes' Confusing Up and Down Pregnancy

This is quite strange.  TomKat’s baby seems to be changing in size up and down every day.  Maybe Katie Holmes is wearing padding to throw off the media as to her due date?  Maybe it’s all a publicity ploy?  Or perhaps she’s sucking it in in some shots and not in others?  who knows.  Check out the picture though from celebworld.

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    • Lynne Gordon

      Well, this link:
      should dispell the confusion once and for all. Although hardly fashionable, It shows enough to dispell the “pillow” rumors…

    • maria jose venegas

      tom y katie com su hija suri te quiero mucho te amo feliz.lindachaoooo

    • lisa

      As the mother of 3, I can tell you some days a woman looks more pregnant than others. Some clothes hide a pregnancy others accent a tummy. After 6 months your tummy looks vastly different depending on where & how the baby is laying. I remember for a few days when I was pregnant with my son and he was on my right side I looked like an alien.